Vegan Cities

at COP28

Join COBASE, Gherush92, UV Society and Plant Based Treaty at COP28 for

Vegan cities, support for small farmers and a Plant Based Treaty to fight climate change

The food system which is dominated by meat, dairy and egg consumption is the single largest cause of breaches to 5 out of 9 planetary boundaries. In Johan Rockstrom and Owen Gaffney’s book, Breaking Boundaries they say,  “The final battle over whether we successfully deliver on the Paris Climate targets rests on whether we are able to transform the global food system.” 

The global population is expected to reach 68% living in urban areas by 2050, which will lead to challenges such as climate adaptation, poor air quality, and water shortages. Cities will play a key role in establishing practices and policies to reduce human consumption of energy and resources, adapt to environmental impacts, and foster robust, healthy societies. Addressing dietary shifts in cities becomes key, providing a lever to mitigate environmental impacts and bolster sustainability within our global food system so that we can live within our planetary boundaries.

Official COP28 Side Event

Friday, 8 December 2023

11.30am – 1pm GST

COP28 Blue Zone, SE Room 8 

Sign the Plant Based Treaty to help design and implement a Plant-Based Treaty globally and locally for a just food system, aligning with planetary boundaries and aiding in nature’s restoration.