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September 2021

September 19  | World Animal Protection
Climate crisis driven by factory farming

September 17  | The Western Producer
International campaign calls for end to food animal use

September 15  | Talking Animals with Duncan Strauss
Anita Krajnc, global campaign coordinator of the Plant Based Treaty

September 7  | Vegan Food & Living
Simply Vegan Podcast Episode 5, Series 4 

September 3  | Gaby Cárdenas
Acuerdo Basado en Plantas

September 1  | NAPOLIcittàsolidale
Plant Based Treaty, gli attivisti in piazza a Napoli

September 1  |   Global News Radio
The Morning Show with Devon Peacock

August 2021

August 31  |  Magazyn ISTOTA
Plant Based Treaty

August 31  |   Jane Unchained
Plant Based Treaty Launches Globally

August 29  |   Social Radio
The Substance Show

August 15  |   Green Living UK
The Plant Based Treaty and how to endorse it

August 9  |   Diet Change Not Climate Change
What Comes Next? Sign the Plant Based Treaty

August 9   |   Jane Unchained News Network
Plant Based Treaty = Climate Solution!

‘The Plant Based Treaty offers a logical pathway to a plant-based world by calling on powerful governments to establish a global treaty and to galvanise action by every person, group, organisation, and city.’ 
– Diet change not climate change, august 2021