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PBT Organizer’s Guide

This 53-page guide takes you through everything you’ll need to know as a PBT Organizer. Including the basic principles of the Plant Based Treaty, how to start a PBT team, how to set up an Endorsement campaign, how to launch a City campaign, information on school and university campaigns, access to digital media, marking tips and more.

Languages: English

Vegan Action Starter Kit

The 32-page Vegan Starter Kit provides everything you’ll need to get going on a plant-based diet. From a handy food pyramid, weekly meal guide, sources of key nutrients, substitutes and many more resources, you’ll be happily munching veg goodness in no time!

Languages: English, español, ગુજરાતી, हिन्दी

Nachhaltige Ernährung: Ernährung für unsere Kinder

In this 33-page guide, you can learn everything you’ll need to know about sustainable, healthy and nourishing plant-based nutrition for your children. The guide covers topics such as how to prepare healthy and varied food plates, delicious recipes, advice on changing habits and access to other family-friendly tools.

Languages: English, español

PBT City Guide: Glasgow

Your vegan guidebook for Glasgow. Find restaurants, cafes, shops and vegan-friendly places to eat, shop and enjoy.

Languages: English