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December 2022

November 2022

November 29 | Novara Media
To Avoid Another Pandemic, We Need to Eat Less Meat

November 28 | Supreme Master TV
Progressive Cities: Halting Climate Change through the Plant Based Treaty, Part 1 of 2

November 28 | The Beet
How This Newly-Appointed Vegan Politician is Helping the Environment

November 25 | Unbound Project
Azul Cardozo

November 24 | The Virsa Foundation
Shining the spotlight on the mighty Himalayan subcontinent: Grassroots intersectional ecofeminist activism in South Asia

November 24 | Plant Based News
PBN Co-Founder Partners With Global Environmental Movement: Plant Based Treaty

November 24 | Carbon Brief
COP27: Key outcomes for food, forests, land and nature at the UN climate talks in Egypt

November 22 | Ethical Marketing News
Didim becomes the first town in Turkey to endorse the Plant Based Treaty in response to the climate emergency

November 21 | 2CV
The case for positive reinforcement when it comes to encouraging climate responsibility

November 18 | Green Matters
Now That COP27 Is Over, Here Are the Climate Conference’s Highlights — and Lowlights

November 17 | Ynet
הבשר בתפריט, אך לא על סדר היום בוועידת האקלים בשארם א-שייח

November 16 | The Guardian
Cycle power and gender rights: days eight and nine at Cop27 – in pictures

November 16 | Agro Capital
COP27: Το κρέας υπάρχει στον κατάλογο, αλλά όχι και στην πολιτική ατζέντα της διάσκεψης του ΟΗΕ για το κλίμα

November 16 | Euronews
Meat on the menu, not the agenda, at COP27 climate conference

November 15 | Reuters
Meat on the menu, not the agenda, at COP27 climate conference

November 15 | Wion
COP27: Nations skip serious considerations over emissions from livestock, meat industry

November 15 | Forbes
Carne en el ‘menú’, pero no en la agenda de la COP27

November 11 | LA Downtown News
LA City Council Endorses Plant-Based Treaty

November 11 | Local Today
LA City Council Approves Plant-Based Contract

November 11 | In Defense of Animals
VICTORY: Los Angeles Becomes Largest U.S. City to Support Plant Based Treaty

November 11 | Al Jazeera
NGO urges leaders in COP27 to discuss ‘plant-based treaty’

November 10 | Irish Tech News
Plant Based Treaty calls for a Soil Treaty as necessary climate action

November 9 | Vegetarians of Washington
Los Angeles signs Plant Based Treaty

November 7 | Veg Conomist
Report Discusses Fairest Way to Shift High-Income Countries to Plant-Based Diets

November 7 | Natural News Desk
We need a Plant Based Treaty now, campaigners tell COP27 delegates

November 6 | Nourish Magazine
Advocates call for food system change as world leaders gather for COP27 climate talks

November 4 | Plant Based News
Nearly 100 Mayors Called Out For ‘Collective Lack Of Progress’ On Climate Initiatives

November 2 | Ag Daily
Los Angeles has a massive carbon footprint — but makes animal ag its scapegoat

November 1 | Art Fix Daily
Plant Based Treaty & “Love Someday” Art Shows at the COP27

October 2022

October 31 | Vegconomist
Consumers Urged to Cut 40% of Emissions by Eating One Plant-Based Meal Per Day

October 31 | Plant Based News
Los Angeles And Didim In Turkey Are The Latest Cities To Endorse The Plant Based Treaty

October 31 | Western Livestock Journal
Legal Ledger: LA adopts plant-based treaty

October 30 | Farm Week
Los Angeles gives Plant Based Treaty green light

October 28 | i24News
“Un jour historique” : Plus de 15 000 personnes réunies pour le climat à Tel-Aviv

October 27 | The Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem, Tel Aviv refuse to commit to lower use of animal products, says NGO

October 27 | Tired Earth
Tired Earth: An Interview with Nilgün Engin, Co-director of the Climate Save Movement

October 27 | Trvst
Interview: Nicola Harris, Plant Based Treaty

October 27 | Green Queen
Green Queen Alt Protein Weekly

October 26 | LA Eater
Plant-Based Eating Gets a Vote of Confidence From the Los Angeles City Council

October 27 | Trade Magazin
Los Angeles a növényi-táplálkozás fontosságát kiemelő egyezményhez csatlakozott

October 26 | Delicious Food
Plant Based Food Gets a Vote of Confidence from the Los Angeles City Council

October 25 | The Food Institute
LA Adopts Plant-Based Treaty to Fight Climate Change

October 25 | NeBoley
Активисты протестуют против открытия первой в мире фермы осьминогов

October 24 | FinTechTV
Los Angeles Could Be The Largest U.S. City To Support The Global Plant-Based Treaty (Video)

October 22 | Vegazeta
Câmara de Los Angeles adota plano que incentiva consumo de comida vegana

October 22 | Vegan Food and Living
Los Angeles City Council backs Plant Based Treaty to fight climate crisis

October 21 | World Animal News
LA City Council Unanimously Endorses The Plant-Based Treaty Which Would Spare The Lives Of Millions Of Farm Animals Every Year

October 21 | The Beet
Los Angeles is he First Major U.S. City to Sign This Climate Treaty

October 20 | Vegconomist
Los Angeles City Council Votes Unanimously to Endorse Global Plant-Based Treaty

October 20 | Food Matters Live
Los Angeles unanimously votes to endorse Plant Based Treaty

October 20 | One Green Planet
Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Votes to Endorse Plant-Based Treaty

October 20 | Grit Daily
Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Endorses the Plant Based Treaty in Response to the Climate Emergency

October 20 | V Kind
Los Angeles City Council Approves Global Plant-Based Treaty

October 20 | Vegan OK
Svolta etica e sostenibile per Los Angeles, che sottoscrive il Plant-Based Treaty

October 20 | Veg Out Magazine
Los Angeles City Council Just Endorsed Global Plant-Based Treaty

October 20 | Dot.LA
Does LA’s City Council Embrace of Plant Based Meats Have Any Teeth?

October 19 | Irish Tech News
Plant-Based Transition Requested To Cut Food Emissions, C40 World Mayors World Summit

October 19 | Drovers
California’s Plant-Based Push Grows More Legs with LA Support

October 19 | VegNews
Los Angeles Just Became the Largest US City to Join the Plant Based Treat

October 19 | News of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Just Became the Largest US City to Join the Plant Based Treaty

October 19 | Tele 1
Didim Belediyesi Türkiye’de bir ilke imza attı

October 19 | Bio Guia
200 grupos socioambientales exigen a ciudades del C40 una transición basada en plantas

October 19 | Vegilog
L.A. 기후 위기 해결 위한 첫 번째 도시

October 19 | Dot.LA
L.A.’s City Council unanimously adopts a Plant Based Treaty in response to climate change

October 17 | Food Ingredients First
Serving up sentience: World’s first industrial octopus farm sparks outrage among environmentalists

October 17 | Anka Haber Ajansi
Didim Belediyesi, Türkiye’de Plant Based Treaty’İ Onaylayan ik Belediye Oldu

October 17 | Edie
City leaders urged to make plant-based food the norm in public procurement

October 17 | Kulis
Didim Belediyesi Türkiye’de bir ilke imza attı

October 15 | eHabitat
Paul Wesley, l’attore di The Vampire Diaries contro l’allevamento e i suoi danni al Pianeta

October 15 | Demokrat Gundem
Didim, iklim acil durumuna yanıt olarak Türkiye’de Plant Based Treaty’yi destekleyen ilk yerel yönetim oldu

October 15 | Diken
Didim, iklim acil durumuna yanıt olarak Türkiye’de Plant Based Treaty’yi destekleyen ilk yerel yönetim oldu

October 14 | Glastonbury Nub News
Glastonbury Mayor Jon Cousins vows to take Plant Based Treaty vote back to Glastonbury after a motion was narrowly defeated during council vote on 11 October

October 13 | Plant Based News
Protestors Unite Around The Globe To Stop The World’s First Octopus Farm

October 12 | Glastonbury Nub News
Glastonbury will not become the second town in the UK to adopt the Plant Based Treaty

October 7 | Grit Daily
World Octopus Day: Demonstrations Planned at Spanish Embassies Worldwide to Protest World’s First Octopus Farm

October 7 | Essex Magazine
Glastonbury Town Council to hold Plant Based Treaty vote on 11th October in response to the climate emergency

October 7 | Toronto Sun
First proposed Octopus farm to be protested in Toronto

October 7 | Glastonbury Nub News
Climate campaigners plan to rally at vote to urge Glastonbury Town Council support for plant-based diets

October 4 | Green Planner Magazine
Plant Based Treaty chiama cittadini e città a impegnarsi per il bene del clima, a partire dal cibo

October 4 | Origin Mid Day
Animal Save India turns traffic signals into activism spots on Gandhi Jayanti Spreads the message to stop animal cruelty across the country

October 3 | Plant Based News
Could Scotland Ban Meat? Parliament Considers Petition To Transform The Food System

October 3 | VKind
Will Scotland Ban Meat?

September 2022

September 28 | Plant Based News
Meat Consumption Is Falling Across Western Europe, New Survey Finds

September 29 | Gazete Oksijen
Batı Avrupa’da et tüketimi her geçen gün azalıyor

September 26 | The Globe and Mail
Globe Climate: Why getting women and girls in the fishing boat is good for the environment

September 20 | La Nacion
Enfrentó 10 años de prisión por tener un gesto inusual en el medio de la ruta: “Deje de hacer eso o llamo a la policía”

September 19 | Scottish Daily Express
Barmy EU lawmakers hold summit to discuss a meat-free ‘vegan future’ for Europe

September 16 | Karlskoga Tidning Kuriren
Insändarsvar: Skulle göra det tuffare för köttbönderna

September 15 | El Salto
Acuerdo basado en plantas: hacia un futuro vegetal

September 15 | Corriere Della Sera
Tutela degli animali, cosa dicono (o non dicono) i programmi dei partiti?

September 15 | Kodami
Da Unione Popolare a Italexit, gli animali nei programmi dei partiti minori o fuori dalle coalizioni nelle elezioni politiche 2022

September 14 | Vegan News
Schweiz & Österreich: Starbucks erhebt keinen Aufpreis mehr auf pflanzliche Milchalternativen

September 14 | Vegnews
Paul Wesley Calls for Shift to Vegan Diet: “Animal Farming Has Obliterated Our Beautiful Forests”

September 14 | Vegan Food and Living
Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley slams animal farming and calls for global shift to veganism

September 14 | Vegazeta
Paul Wesley diz que é preciso adotar uma dieta livre do uso de animais

September 9 | Food Ingredients First
Catholic charity accused of exacerbating climate change and poverty with animal gifting program

September 7 | World Animal News
Animal Save Movement Calls On New York City Mayor Eric Adams To Endorse The Plant Based Treaty

September 2 | Grit Daily
Please Don’t Eat the Donation: Vegans Criticize Animal Gifting Program

September 2 | Jeruselum Post
Climate change is a real danger. Israeli tech could help – editorial

September 2 | Vice
Vegans Complain About Charities Gifting Goats Because They Keep Being Eaten

September 2 | The Tablet
Cafod defends livestock ‘gifts’ programme

September 2 | Le Bonbon
Haywards Heath, la première ville européenne à devenir végane?

September 1 | Sentient Media
The Month in a Minute: August 2022

September 1 | Essex Magazine
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development Criticised for its Animal Gifting Program

August 2022

August 31 | Joy Online
Climate activists distribute vegetable, herb seeds to increase access to healthy, sustainable food

August 31 | Plant Based News
Will The UK’s New Prime Minister Support Plant-Based Agriculture?

August 31 | In Context with Pattrice Jones
Learning From Other Movements with Anita Krajnc

August 31 | Grit Daily
Vegan Climate Activists Launch Global ‘Seed the City’ Campaign to Support Proposed Plant Based Treaty

August 30 | Green World
Haywards Heath becomes first council to sign Plant Based Treaty

August 30 | Plant Based News
Oxford Council Criticized For Promoting Climate Action And Plant-Based Diets

August 30 | The Beet
San Diego Creates Plan to Cut Meat and Dairy Consumption for Climate Change

August 29 |
System żywności w debacie politycznej?

August 25 | Sussex Express
Reader’s letter: Plant Based Treaty could be disastrous at time of global food shortages

August 24 | Mid•Day
Animal Save India & Sadaa Sayed celebrated a Vegan Dahi-Handi

August 24 | Frome Nub News
Is this something Frome should consider? As campaign starts to make Glastonbury become the second town in the UK to officially endorse the Plant Based Treaty?

August 24 | Glastonbury Nub News
Should Glastonbury become the second town in the UK to officially endorse the Plant Based Treaty?

August 23 | BBC5Live
Five Live breakfast: 1:42hr – 1:50hr

August 23 | BBC Radio London
Vanessa Feltz: 1:26hr – 1:31hr

August 23 | Sussex Express
Rural campaigners call Haywards Heath Town Council ‘anti-farming’ after it endorses Plant Based Treaty signed by Sir Paul McCartney

August 23 | V-Land UK
Eat plants, plant trees: Endorse the Plant Based Treaty

August 23 | Vegan.At
Pflanzliche Ernährung gegen Klimakrise: Haywards Heath bekennt sich als erste europäische Stadt zum Plant Based Treaty

August 23 | Food – Cuisine
British Town Signs Plant-Based Treaty and Encourages Residents to Go Vegan

August 23 | Compassion and Cucumbers Podcast
What Went Down At Burlington Ontario VegFest!

August 23 | F&D Technology
UK town is the first in Europe to sign Plant Based Treaty

August 22 | Oh! my mag
Vegan: Town to only offer plant-based meals, the first in Europe to sign Plant Based Treaty

August 22 | Express
We’re omnivores!’ Vine caller erupts at vegan panellist as UK town cuts out meat

August 22 | One Green Planet
British Town Signs Plant-Based Treaty and Encourages Residents to Go Vegan

August 22 | Citizen Post
Une commune britannique signe un traité international pour le véganisme

August 22 | Jeremy Vine – Channel 5
“Should all schools go vegan?” segment

August 20 |
Британский город присоединился к инициативе по переходу к веганству

August 19 | Real Politik
La Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires se suma al Acuerdo Basado en Plantas

August 18 | Bio Guia
La Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires se suma al Acuerdo Basado en Plantas

August 14 | The Daily Sceptic
News Round-Up

July 2022 

July 21 | Vegan Conservatives
Haywards Heath signs Plant Based Treaty

June 2022

June 9 | The Gisborne Herald 
Shift to a plant-based economy (Page 10)

June 9 | The Spin Off
Is the future meat-free?

May 2022

April 2022

April 16 | Toronto Vegetarian Association
Veg Out 523: Plant Based Treaty

March 2022

March 31 | Report Door
‘Stop charging for alt milk’

February 2022

February 27  | Vegan Conservatives
Vegan Conservatives Endorse Plant Based Treaty

February Edition | Ox-Fanzine
Kochen ohne kochen Nr47 (magazine 20/2022)

January 2022

January 21  | Animal Rebellion
Why 100% Just and Sustainably Plant-based

January 19  | Proyecto Puente
El acuerdo basado en plantas

January 15  | Bright
What is the Plant Based Treaty

January 14  | Kultura Dostepna
Wegańska Warszawa

‘The Plant Based Treaty offers a logical pathway to a plant-based world by calling on powerful governments to establish a global treaty and to galvanise action by every person, group, organisation, and city.’
– Diet change not climate change, august 2021