Open Letter


We need a Plant Based Treaty now!
As youth leaders, we call on national governments to negotiate and implement an international Plant Based Treaty this decade, to avoid facing a climate catastrophe.

To The Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP,

As youth leaders, we call on governments to negotiate, adopt and implement a Plant Based Treaty. Animal agriculture is fueling the climate, oceans, biodiversity and animal crisis. Along with fossil fuels, it is the nuclear weapon of our generation. We face an imminent threat and our future is rapidly disappearing before our eyes.

The youth of today are not only inheriting a world that is burning, flooding and melting, but we are being born into it. Current projections show that we are on track to reach 1.5C warming around the year 2030 and 2C by 2040.

We are adding our voices to the individuals, scientists, doctors, organizations and businesses calling for a Plant Based Treaty that phases out animal agriculture and ensures a fair and just transition towards a plant-based food system.


“As we approach COP26, I feel deeply disheartened by the continuous ignorance that our world leaders are showing by not addressing the dire impacts of animal agriculture on our futures. We can no longer ignore the fact that raising and killing animals to consume is one of the most unsustainable things we can be doing for our planet. We can no longer gloss over these industries and look at them through rose-coloured glasses.

The time to act is now. We must act now to avoid facing a world where no one belongs. The truth is, this continued inaction from our governments is not only hurting me and the youth of the present, but it will impact future generations for centuries to come. It is not too late to take meaningful action to reverse damage to the environment, but 2021 is a make-it-or-break-it year. We must phase out animal agriculture, and we must do it now.”

This year’s COP26 Climate Talks in Glasgow is a critical time for the future of our planet. Policy makers must show leadership and address the causes of the climate crisis. They must act with justice and equity. They must lead a green recovery.

In the recent IPCC sixth assessment report, scientists warned that we need to cut methane emissions urgently to avoid facing a widespread collapse. This carbon-rich gas, produced predominantly from animal agriculture, heats the world far quicker than carbon dioxide – it has a “warming potential” more than 80 times stronger than that of CO2. Even if fossil fuel emissions stop immediately, emissions from our food systems alone could increase global temperatures by more than 1.5C in the near future. Lead reviewer of the IPCC, Durwood Zaelke, said methane reductions were most likely the “only way” of preventing a temperature rise of above 1.5C. He warns that if this is not achieved, extreme weather patterns will increase and several planetary tipping points could be triggered, from which there is no coming back. Zaelke points out that “cutting methane is the biggest opportunity to slow warming between now and 2040. We need to face this emergency.”


 “Youth around the world are urging world leaders at COP26 to not only start shifting away from fossil fuels, but to also shift away our current food system based on animal products, which is not climate friendly. Please act now. We don’t have time to waste.”

Addressing fossil fuels alone is not enough – we need immediate action on food systems too. The three main greenhouse gases — carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are at record levels and rapidly accelerating; animal agriculture contributes to all three but is the main driver of methane and nitrous oxide emissions globally.

Now is the time for governments to phase out animal agriculture. The science is clear, and the desire to move towards a better future is strong. We call on governments and policymakers to urgently commence negotiations to adopt and implement a Plant Based Treaty, laying out a binding global plan to:

Relinquish – Committing to no land use change, ecosystem degradation or deforestation for the purpose of animal agriculture.
Redirect – Actively transitioning away from animal based food systems to more sustainable plant-based food systems. As well as:
Restore – Actively restoring key ecosystems and reforesting the Earth.
We, the youth, refuse to compromise on our lives and the rights of others. We will not give up on fighting for a better future and present. A shift towards a plant-based food system is drastically needed in our fight for a world that leaves no one behind.

We youth will not stop. We are not backing down until animal agriculture is phased out and we begin our just transition.

We refuse to continue having our voices and participation in the climate crisis tokenized or silenced at global climate conferences. All at the same time, world leaders continue to support fossil fuels and animal agriculture interests, making crucial decisions behind closed doors. Not only are our voices completely dismissed, but those who live in the areas most vulnerable to the climate crisis are actively threatened, and our lives are put on the line, especially Indigenous youth – the environmental defenders of our planet.

Our house is on fire and it is time to extinguish the flames. Time is running out. We are fighting for a world that leaves no one behind.


Greta Cuthall, 17, Australia, Youth Climate Save Victoria

Genesis Butler, 14, USA, Youth Climate Save

Brunna Sachs, 12, Brazil, Youth Climate Save Brazil

Ana Piersso, 20, México, CDMX Climate Save

Adriana Ximena Gonzalez Ramirez, 20, México, CDMX Climate Save

Juana Agustín, 18, Argentina

Brenda Palacios Flores, 25, México

Abril Gioia, 25, Argentina, Chubut Climate Save

Sara Ailén Alvarengo, Argentina, Chubut Climate Save

Natasha Sofia Krywenki, 19, Argentina, Fridays for Future Rosario

Gael Sampedro, 20, Argentina, Climate Save Argentina

Muriel Otero Treacey, 22, Argentina, Climate Save

Alexis Soto, 23, Argentina

José María Britez, 20, Argentina, XR Rosario

Sofía Vergara Moya, 19, Argentina Fridays For Future

Nicolas Zagert, 24, Argentina

Melissa Cobb, 22, UK

Morgan Janowicz, 24, Poland, Green Rev Institute

Naman Dedhia, 19, India, Mumbai Animal Save

Amelia Falconer, 25, Australia

Bayo Alagbe, 24, Nigeria, Global Alliance for Ministry and infrastructure for Peace (GAMIP), Youth Forum

Prajesh Palaniraj, 19, India

Tanmayi Shinde, 20, Sagar Seva, Fridays For Future, Jeevitnadi, Concerned Punekars, India

Deborah Romola Opanike, 22, Nigeria, GAMIP

Clement Oluwapelumi, 24, Nigeria, GAMIP

Patrícia Ramos, 23, Portugal

Imogen Baines, 20, UK

Lizbeth T, 19, Panama, Animal Save Movement

Scully Mendoza, 20, Panama, Animal Save Panama

Khushi Tatawat, 19, India, Indore Animal Save

Rosmy Postigo, 20, Peru

Tamara Velazquez, 25, Argentina

Joaquín Lisandro Martinez, 24, Argentina

Maya Lewis, 18, United States

Isidro Isidro Sánchez, 25, Argentina, Climate Save

Glenda Mangia, 25, Argentina, Ecoclub Paraná

Bryanna Cañete, 18, Argentina

Marina Corvalan, 19, Argentina, Difusión V

Ruth Nelci Huacca Arce, 24, Colombia, Medellín Climate Save

Prutha Goswami, 21, India

Natalia Galindo, 21, México, Hermosillo Animal Save

Daniel Orrego, 23, Colombia

Alicia Young, 22, Australia, University of Melbourne Vegan Club

Pamela Huacca, 23, Colombia, Climate Save Medellin -Colombia

Rachel Lowenberg, 18, Canada, Future Majority

Gabriela Ramirez, 20, México

Martina Andriossi, 18, Argentina, Health Save

Maria Camila Mármol Quintero, 19, Colombia, Animal Save Medellin

Ivana Yazmín Gauto, 21, Argentina

Marlene Teufel, 23, Germany Peta2 Street Team

Luisa Keil, 22, Germany

Emilio Navarro, 25, España, Youth Climate Save Valencia

Hernan Perez Guardo, 21, Argentina, Health Save

Estefanía Santos, 23, Argentina

Verónica A. Morel Graziani, 24, Argentina, Health Save Argentina

Julieta di Chiara, 21, Argentina

Chloe Thompson, 25, UK

Daniela Matías, 18, México

Alejandro Villegas Rosa, 24, Spain

Angeles Saavedra, 19, México, Puebla Climate Save

Daniela González, 18, México, Laguna Animal Save

Alejandra Gallego, 28, Colombia

Andrea Nakagawa, 18, Peru

Roli Jain, 29, India

Akshay Jain, 24, India,

Muskaan Tatawat, 23, India

Parva Jain, 20, India

Elizabeth Alejandra, 22, Perú, DifusionVeganaLima

Rabia Turhan, 21, Yenimahalle, Ankara animal save

Amelia Falconer, 25, Australia

Umti Alis, 22, Turkey

Maria Margarida Soares Henriques, 16, Portugal

Louise Karaska-McDonald, 18, UK, Youth Animal Save England,

Merve Çelik, 23, Turkey, Ankara Animal Save

Netanel Shaller, 25, Israel, Israel animal save

Ohad Ben shlomo, 20, Israel

Mawu Caceres, 28, Argentina, Animal Save Movement

Bee Labutale, 20, UK, Youth Climate Save

Benjamin Foster, 19, UK

Maria Fernanda Salles, 18, Brazil, Youth Animal Save Brasil

C Phillips, 23, Ontario

Sophia Hatamleh, 17, USA, Youth Climate Save

Carlos Carvalho, 21, Portugal

Zurisadai Meza, 23, México

Gaya Elgarbi, 21, Israel

María Belén Baño, 19, Ecuador

Halel Shafir, 18, Israel

Reut Bleicher, 19, Israel

Chiel van der Wal, 18, The Netherlands, Youth Climate Save

Nikhita Kalluri’s, 19, USA, Youth Climate Save

Brian Kiptoo, 18, Kenya

Gema Bello Justo, 21, Puebla Animal Save

Juan Carlos, 25, Puebla, Voluntario

Chelsea Giles, 19, México, Climate Save

Nelly Valenzuela, 24, México, Climate Save Puebla

Berkay Yıldırır, 22, Turkey

Raymundo San Martin, 25, México, Puebla Climate save

Matilde Signorini, 24, Italy

Mariana Guagnini, 25, Argentina, Health Save Argentina

Cristina Facchinello, 22, Italy

Ali Shuhaib, 21, India, Animal Save Movement

Adrián Abuín, 23, Spain

Pratik Ankush, 19, India, Fridays for Future

Robyn Mcsharry, 20, UK

Shubham Thakur, 20, India

Jessica Martin, 24, UK

Topeka Gibson, 22, USA

Ji-Kei Mah, 20, Canada

Agnes Grömer, 23, Austria

Adriana Bascone, 24, Austria, European Youth Energy Network (EYEN)

Nicole Linton, 25, Scotland

Alice Bergonzi, 20, Italy

Harshit Kumar Urmaliya, 20, India, Yuva task force

Sourabh Sahu, 19, India

Sadiya Bano, 23, India, Yuva task force

Vikash Kumar, 21, India

Bharatdeep Singhbedi, 22, India, Yuva task force

Stuti Dhanalal, 18, India, Yuva task force

Aman Gangrade, 22, India, Yuva task force

Rishabh Chourasiya, India, Jabalpur Animal Save

Sanjana Roy, 23, India

Kasha Sequoia Slavner, 24, The Global Sunrise Project

Jorge Chirinos, 18, Perú

Mira Monson, 20, USA

Emily St.Onge, 24, USA

Suvi Kangaspuoskari, 25, Finland

Elisa Pedruzzi, 20, Italy, Fridays for Future

Ryan Edwards, 24, Wales

Mahendra Beldar, 24, India

Maria Chiara Olmetti, 25, Italy

Sofía Jiménez, 18, México

Poppy Permatasari, 22, Indonesia

Hayleigh Westerman, 21, Scotland

Greta Shuli, 20, Albani

João Vieira, 25, Portugal

Meg Watkins, 24, Australia, Young Animal Justice Party Victoria

Alessia Trabucco, 21, Italy

Karl Broch, 23, Canada

Marcela Alvarez, 18, Perú

Aditya Raj, 23, India

Rowan Leeder, 20, UK

Mohemed Ashik, 23, India

Koneti Sreekanth, 24, India

Clémentine Dècle, 23, Netherlands, Conscious Kitchen; 16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth

Lauren Bird, 23, South Africa

Ragul Valavan, 19, India

Isabel Keener, 19, USA

Violeta Sánchez, 18, Spain

Nandini Sharma, 18, India

Dipti Shrivastava, 25, India

Jason Savoie, 25, Canada

Israel Amuri, 20, Finland

Nuria Angeles, 25, Perú, Nunusfera

Jyona Roy Biswas, 18, India, Food Wave Project, YOUNGO, Youth Connect

Sam Schultz, 25, USA

Katarina Dulude, 21, USA, Sunrise

Nguyễn Duyên, 20, Viet Nam

Nguyễn Nghi, 18, Viet Nam

Kate Kazakova, 20, UK

Eve Sheils, 18, UK

Elisa Molkentien, 21, Germany, Animal Rebellion

Emily Massam, 21, UK

Jenna Keeble, 23, Canada

William Westerberg, 21 Canada

Jasleen Johal, 24, Canada, Earth Guardians

Aaron Moy, 21, Canada

David Wachsmann, 24, USA

Gaia Bellafiore, 23, Italy

Skylar Enge, 19, USA

Diana Tena, 23, Perú

Mattis Tebäck, 24, Sweden

David Angulo, 24, Perú

Johanna Vilchez, 22, Perú

Keyla Garcia, 24, Perú

Lilly Thornton, 19, Australia

Danyel Alexander, 23, Canada

Leilani Gonzalez, 18, USA

Georgia Brown, 25, UK

Katarine Anna Robertson, 21, UK

Paige Eastep, 18, USA

Bharati Singh, 18, India, Fridays for Future Lucknow

Khushman Aggarwal, 18, India, Fridays for Future Lucknow

Rachel Smith, 25, USA

Annmarie Rousseaux, 24, USA

Sudeshna Mishra, 24, India

Levin Staendeke, 19, German

Keeyan Nejad, 24, UK

Katy Berry, 25, UK

Emmy Banner-Smith, 22, New Zealand

Isobel Dawson, 24, Italy

Katye Gaynor, 24, Ireland

Kushal Sharma, 21, Nepal

Maria Catarina Mendes, 23, Portugal

Aniana Teixeira, 19, Portugal, Animal Save Portugal

Carrington Bates, 22, United States, S.O.S PETA

Ethan Shi, 22, Canada

Shakti Tamkumar, 25, Canada

Daniela Castro, 20, Colombia, Sinergia Animal

Yasemin Sicim, 23, Belgium

Diogo Botas, 24, Portugal

Cristina Facchinello, 23, Italy, Greenpeace Italy

Loes Mulder, 22, Netherlands

Maggie Topalian, 23, United States

Evelina Ljungbeck, 24, Sweden

Tegan Kemp, 23, UK

Andre Kirchner, 22, South Africa

Kultaran Singh, 22, India

Jasmine Ruiz, 25, United States

Kaitlyn Thomas, 21, United States

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