Start a PBT Team

You can campaign for a Plant Based Treaty, influence policy and implement plant-based projects in your city.

There is something for everyone! Whether you want to campaign for your city to endorse the Plant Based Treaty, work on a plant-based schools campaign, establish a community garden, lobby government, build alliances, or help create bottom up pressure by collecting endorsements from individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, scientists and celebrities, the first step is to start a PBT Team and download the Plant Based Treaty Work Plan. 

Application to Start a PBT Team!

It's ok if you are the only team member, every group has to start somewhere!
Examples: organizing events, political advocacy, tweet storms, public speaking, fundraising, graphic design, writing, video editing, writing, website development, networking, fundraising, admin etc
Examples: endorsed the PBT, written to politicians, signed a petition, collected endorsements, participated in tweet storms, shared or created content on social media, organized a protest or event...
Tick all that apply

We all know the detrimental effects of animal industries; for the animals, ecosystems, health and, not the least, climate. The launch of the Plantbased treaty was one of the most promising events at COP26.
– Jens Holme, Member of Parliament, Sweden