Vegan is the future…
for dogs and cats too!

Download the free Plant Based Treaty guide to plant-based dogs and cats

Until recently, the common belief was that our animal companions needed meat to be healthy. Thankfully, now there’s an alternative! Dogs and cats can thrive on veterinarian-approved vegan diets. Our comprehensive guide encompasses crucial nutritional insights, best practices, foods to avoid, trusted vegan brands, and DIY recipe instructions. 

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What’s in the guide?

Our science-based guide contains all the information you need to introduce your animal companion to a plant-based diet. The guide outlines the reasons and benefits for embracing this change, along with tips for transitioning. Discover vegan food brands to cater to your cat or dog’s dietary needs, and embrace cooking delicious home-prepared meals and snacks for your animal companions.

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Use our guide to help transition the dogs and cats in your life to a healthy vegan diet, for the benefit of their health, the health of our planet and the protection of farmed animals.

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