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Up to a staggering $23 million per minute is spent on subsidies worldwide in the animal agriculture and fossil fuel industry, two of the main drivers of the climate crisis.

The 2023 World Bank report, Detox Development, says trillions of dollars per year of subsidies for fossil fuels, farming and fishing are causing “environmental havoc”, severely harming the planet and “driving the degradation of the world’s foundational natural assets – clean air, land, and oceans.”

According to the report, fishing subsidies of $118bn a year are a key factor in the exploitation of marine life, which has sent the oceans into “a collective state of crisis”.

In addition, farm subsidies were responsible for the destruction of 2.2 million hectares (5.4m acres) of forest a year.

Email your representatives

Click here to access our sample letter to write your elected officials, such as Members of Parliament, Senators and Lawmakers and demand the redirection of subsidies through a Plant Based Treaty.

Through Plant Based Treaty’s second demand R2: Redirect, we are calling for subsidy reforms to protect our planet, including redirecting subsidies to climate solutions, including sustainable plant-based agroecological practices, supporting and retraining farmers, voluntary retirement schemes, and training new entrants.

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You can usually find their contact information with a quick Google search like “write to my MP” or “who is my senator”. If you have difficulty finding them, drop an email to [email protected], and we will help you.

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