Become a walking billboard and save the planet in style

February 15, 2024

Did you know The Plant Based Treaty has its own cool and trendy line of merchandise? Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to become a walking billboard and help save the planet, but it’s also an easy way to start a conversation about all things vegan. All money raised through merchandise sales funds Plant Based Treaty campaigns around the world and helps create awareness. This includes public education, lobbying, street activism, implementing grassroots projects like community gardens and vegan food giveaways, and helping Universities create menu changes on campus. There is also a focus on supporting animal vigils and encouraging people to bear witness with the Animal Save Movement. If you aren’t sure what to wear to your first vigil, we have some ideas below.

Just a few examples of some of the merch you can grab from our PBT merch store

The shirts, hoodies, joggers, tote bags, and more are supplied by Ethical Tee Company, a responsible company using certified organic, sweatshop-free, climate-neutral, and sustainable fabrics. Their items are made in a factory powered by renewable energy, they use water-based vegan inks, and the owner of the company was the first PBT Business Ambassador. Even more reason to shop the PBT online store!

1. Plant Based Treaty Tote Bag

The grocery store is the perfect place to have a conversation about vegan food with customers, especially once they see your cool new Plant Based Treaty tote bag. Whether it’s browsing items in the food aisles or waiting in line for the register, you never know what seed it will plant and the discussions this tote will spark. It’s also the perfect shopping bag to fill up with the delicious vegan items you purchased.  This fun and durable canvas bag is made with recycled cotton and polyester and has long handles to carry home all your goodies.

Try keeping a few Vegan Starter Kit pamphlets in your tote to give out to people who want more information about switching to a plant-based diet. You can also suggest they watch ‘You Are What You Eat’ on Netflix to learn about the multiple health benefits of switching to a plant-based diet. 

2. Stop Octopus Farming T-Shirt

Octopus should never be stuck inside tanks, raised on factory farms, eaten, or abused in any way. These eight-armed geniuses are such interesting creatures and should be treated with love and kindness. When you purchase a stop octopus farming t-shirt you not only help support the Stop Octopus Farming campaign, but you raise awareness about the looming octopus farm by Spanish company Nueva Pescanova in the Canary Islands.

The cruel ‘seafood’ company plan to keep 10 to 15 octopuses per cubic meter of tank space in an unnatural environment that will lead to stress and extreme behaviours for these territorial and solitary animals. Octopus farming must be stopped and this black organic cotton fair-trade shirt is the perfect way to get the word out and conversations started among friends, family, and colleagues.

3. Plant Based Treaty Hoody

This dramatic and durable Plant Based Treaty unisex pullover hoody is perfect for activists raising awareness at rallies, demonstrations, and vigils to bear witness and show love to animals. Activists in Glasgow wore them as a group for COP26, and many activists since then have done the same. They are also perfect for University students who are leading the way towards a kinder world and campaigning for more vegan options on campus.

Created with organic cotton, these super cozy black fair-trade hoodies have a front kangaroo pocket and PBT logo on the upper left chest. The back reads Eat Plants, Plant Trees, so you can spread the vegan message each time you dramatically exit a room. There are also PBT joggers if you want a complete outfit!

4. Plant Based Treaty Mug

If you aren’t sipping your first coffee or tea of the day in a stoneware Plant Based Treaty mug, did you really enjoy your beverage to its fullest potential? All joking aside, this branded mug is perfect for the office, at home when having guests over for afternoon tea, or a fun addition to your vegan themed social media photos. This handy mug is also a nice reminder that it’s easy to swap out dairy milk for delicious and healthy plant milks like oat

Did you know oat milk requires ten times less land than dairy milk, uses 13 times less water, and produces three times fewer greenhouse gas emissions? These are some of the facts you can share with your local coffee shop or campus restaurant when you ask them to default to oat milk and improve their environmental footprint. 

5. Dog (Or Cat!) Plant Based Treaty T-Shirt

Let your furry furriends become a walking billboard with you and help promote a kinder world with their very own Plant Based Treaty t-shirt designed for cats or dogs. Next time your dog goes for a walk they will spread a powerful message in this cute navy blue cotton top and show others how to lower their carbon pawprint. While not all cats like wearing clothes, our rescue kitty Sky was the purrfect meowdal to help raise awareness for our planet. Don’t forget to tag Plant Based Treaty in photos of your companion animals wearing their cool and stylish gear.

Check out the online Plant Based Treaty store for additional items.

Sky Porter modelling her PBT shirt. Photo: Miriam Porter

Miriam Porter is an award-winning writer who writes about veganism, social justice issues, and eco-travel. Miriam currently lives in Toronto with her son Noah and many rescued furry friends. She is a passionate animal rights activist and speaks up for those whose voices cannot be heard.