About Us

Our Mission

To promote a shift towards a just, plant-based food system that would enable us to live safely within our planetary boundaries and reforest the Earth.

Our Vision

A global Plant Based Treaty attached to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to enable a plant-based food system.

Our Values

Incorporate deep ecology and climate justice, a democratic organizational structure, DEI, and a globally representative core team and local leadership development.


Our environmental focus is on a safe and just food system. The root causes of our climate crisis is our relationship with nature and other animals, alongside issues of intragenerational and intergenerational injustice. Once we change our worldview and help people understand the interconnectedness of all life on Earth, we can move towards a respectful and sustainable way of living on the planet where we have forests we co-habitat with Indigenous land defenders and other species.

Climate Justice

We recognize that the impact of the climate crisis is not felt evenly around the world. We take an intersectional stance, oppose all forms of discrimination, and build coalitions with environmental and other social justice groups. The discussion of animal agriculture needs a central space in the climate justice movement, including accessibility to nutritious plant-based food.


Our expanding team leadership approach helps build a bottom up grassroots movement while promoting regional and country political and economic autonomy. We encourage the development of local leadership by sharing resources and tools and offering training, which in turn inspires others in the global community.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We promote diversity, equity and inclusion through a commitment to a globally representative team in our recruitment processes.

Collaboration & Partnerships

We collaborate with our supporter base and provide tools and training which empower them to take action. We partner with like-minded groups who can deliver special parts of our programs. We assist cities and their councillors to develop strategies for passing Plant Based Treaty motions and consult on how to implement and deliver best practices in plant-based food policy.

Plant Based Treaty Programs:

Collecting Plant Based Treaty endorsements

Our theory of change is to create bottom-up pressure on governments to negotiate a global Plant Based Treaty by getting endorsements from millions of individuals including notable celebrities, scientists and politicians, tens of thousands of groups and businesses, and hundreds of cities.

Plant Based Treaty City Program

We are building a support base and developing site-specific Plant Based Treaty teams to introduce motions to city councils to endorse the Plant Based Treaty and incorporate plant-based food strategies into existing climate, biodiversity and food poverty action plans. This will enable them to increase accessibility to nutritious plant-based food and disseminate public information campaigns about the benefits of plant-based diets.

Menu Change and Public Education

We are using our series of Plant Based Treaty Playbooks outlining best practices for early childhood education, universities, senior homes, and athletes to expand plant-based food options and education in institutions. We develop Plant Based Treaty guides to universities, promote carbon labeling, and introduce plant-based trials and pledges in universities throughout the year by leveraging key calendar dates such as Earth Month, Meat Free May, Froshers Week, World Vegan Day, and Veganuary.

Advocacy at Global Climate Talks

We engage in UN advocacy at global climate conferences like UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COPs), the Bonn Climate Conference, and UN ECOSOC Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) consultations to encourage them to adopt a plant-based food transition into their programs. We published our first annual report, Safe and Just, in December 2023.

Training and Capacity Building

We strengthen and grow the plant-based movement by launching tools and training, recruiting and empowering new advocates and launching impactful city teams.

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