Annual Reports

Our Year in Review  |  2023

In 2023, Plant Based Treaty achieved menu changes in university cafeterias as well as securing the first UN conference to go 100% vegan – the Conference of Youth in Odisha, India. Following their endorsement in January, Edinburgh published their Plant Based Treaty action plan outlining a plant-based food strategy for the city. Exmouth Town Council endorsed the PBT and committed to measures including 100% plant-based catering at council climate meetings and events. London Borough of Lambeth Council endorsed committing to free fruit and vegetable vouchers and public information campaigns such as promoting Veganuary. Amsterdam planned to endorse the Plant Based Treaty and introduce Vegan Fridays in all public institutions city wide.

At COP28 we launched our first annual Safe and Just Report, which was downloaded more than 2000 times during the conference.  Our high-impact work and campaigns led to an official nomination for the prestigious 2024 Earthshot Prize.

Plant Based Treaty 2023 Report

Released May 2024  |  23 pages 

Languages: English

Read about our latest endorsements, PBT Mission and Programs and our achievements for 2023.

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Our Year in Review  |  2022

2022 was a monumental year for Plant Based Treaty. With 73k+ individuals, 1000+ organizations, 1100+ businesses and 20 cities signing our ground-breaking Treaty, our call for a plant-based food system has been echoed around the world. Supported by scientists, celebrities, climate change organizations, religious groups, politicians and many more, the message is clear: we need a plant-based food system now!

Check out our reports and videos below highlighting Plant Basted Treaty’s achievements for 2022:

Plant Based Treaty 2022 Overview

Released February 2023  |  5 pages 

Languages: English

Dive into our short 2022 overview detailing our biggest achievements to date.

Plant Based Treaty 2022 Full Annual Report

Released February 2023  |  19 pages 

Languages: English

Read about our key achievements, campaigns, and future steps in our full 2022 Annual Report.

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