Start a PBT Team

You can campaign for a Plant Based Treaty, influence policy and implement plant-based projects in your city.

There is something for everyone! Whether you want to campaign for your city to endorse the Plant Based Treaty, work on a plant-based schools campaign, establish a community garden, lobby government, build alliances, or help create bottom up pressure by collecting endorsements from individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, scientists and celebrities, the first step is to start a PBT Team and read our organizers guide.

Build alliances with local groups

Start a community garden

Adopt a PBT block

Launch a University campaign

Lobby your city council

Join climate marches

Download your PBT Organizer’s Guide

Download and read the official Plant Based Treaty Organizers Guide. It is full of resources and ideas to help you get started with Plant Based Treaty campaigns where you live.

Application to Start a PBT Team

It's ok if you are the only team member, every group has to start somewhere!
Examples: organizing events, political advocacy, tweet storms, public speaking, fundraising, graphic design, writing, video editing, writing, website development, networking, fundraising, admin etc
Examples: endorsed the PBT, written to politicians, signed a petition, collected endorsements, participated in tweet storms, shared or created content on social media, organized a protest or event...
Tick all that apply

We all know the detrimental effects of animal industries; for the animals, ecosystems, health and, not the least, climate. The launch of the Plantbased treaty was one of the most promising events at COP26.
– Jens Holme, Member of Parliament, Sweden