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Sadaa Sayed

I am endorsing the Plant Based Treaty because nobody is really talking about the elephant in the room which is animal agriculture.

Paul, Mary & Stella McCartney

We believe in justice for animals, the environment and people. That’s why we support the Plant Based Treaty and urge individuals and governments to sign it.


As the production of meat and dairy is a leading cause of the climate emergency, it’s clear that we cannot solve the climate crisis without going plant-based. Change is imperative, and I endorse the plant based treaty, for the animals, the planet and human health.

Ela Gandhi

I fully endorse the Plant Based Treaty. I believe that the indiscriminate breeding of animals for consumption is harmful both for health as well as for the environment. The animal industry has also contributed, to a large extent, to the deterioration of the fertility of our soil and thus the environment.

Peter Egan

If we don’t reduce methane emissions we will lose our planet. Animal agriculture is one of the key contributors to methane and other greenhouse gas emissions, so we need to move to plant-based solutions. This is why I support the Plant Based Treaty.

George Monbiot

I’m backing the Plant Based Treaty, which urges leaders to recognise animal agriculture as a leading cause of climate change and promotes a shift towards sustainable vegan meals. We must all do our part to protect the planet – and cutting out meat, eggs, and dairy is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help. Animal agriculture is responsible for sky-high carbon emissions as well as the suffering of billions of animals each year.

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Alicia Silverstone

Anushka Manchanda

Rooney Mara

Joaquin Phoenix

Leona Lewis

Paul Wesley

I’ve signed the Plant Based Treaty because animal farming has obliterated our beautiful forests and animals beyond recognition. We need to shift to vegan diets to protect our rivers, oceans, air and soils. It’s time to mobilize and organize in our communities to put pressure on our elected officials to negotiate a global Plant Based Treaty and avoid planetary collapse.

Jerome Flynn

Alissa White-Gluz

I support the Plant Based Treaty because we are running out of time. We need to radically change our ways. As a vegan for over 20 years, I encourage everyone to sign the Plant Based Treaty and go vegan today!

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John Oberg, activist

Alexandre Silva, actor

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Ann Van den Broeck, actor

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Debra Lamb Archuleta, actor

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Sanna Bråding, actor

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Shira Astrof, actor

Sneha Ullal, actor

Tara Strong, actor

Tiffany Meyer, actor

Vedhika Kumar, actor

Yaz Canli, actor

Svetlana Tulasi, actor and dancer

Genelia D’Souza, actor and model

Zahrah S Khan, actor and singer

Tonya Kay, actor and television personality

Sophie Aldred, actor and TV presenter

Alexandra Paul, actor, activist, health coach and former model

Riteish Deshmukh, actor, comedian, television presenter and film producer

Paul Wesley, actor, director and producer

Tessa Bergmeier, actor, model

Miguel Rodarte, actor, producer

Riteish Deshmukh, actor, producer, architect, entrepreneur

Genelia d souza, actor, producer, entrepreneur

Lori Alan, actor, voice actor, writer and producer

Shankar Narayan, advocate attorney and co-principal at MIRA

Chris Delforce, animal rights activist and director of Dominion (2018) Lucent (2014) and Pig Truth (2018)

James Aspey, animal rights activist and lecturer

Lavinia De Rothschild, art collector

Henry Kiyingi, artist

Paula Meninato, artist, activist, & public speaker

Bernand Sébastien, artist; Rothschild Fine Art

Hugo Diaz, artist; Rothschild Fine Art

Nick M.L. Ewing, artist; Rothschild Fine Art

Ellen Jones, athlete, personal trainer, writer

Kathy Freston, author and promoter of plant-based nutrition

Eileen Anglin, author, artist and actor

Paulina Love, author, spiritual influencer

Charlotte Laws, author, talk show host, animal rights advocate, anti-revenge porn activist, former Los Angeles politician and actress

Michael Mansfield QC, barrister and head of chambers at Nexus Chambers

Meher Malik, belly dancer

Capt. Alex Cornelissen, CEO of Sea Shepherd Global, CEO of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (U.S) & President of the Board / Board Member of 15 other Sea Shepherd significant international

Lauren Toyota, chef and influencer

La Stella Vegan, chef, vegan food blogger and author

Szymon Bujalski, climate activist, freelance journalist and blogger

Mikaela Loach, climate justice activist

Pieter Derks, comedian and columnist

Sam Bentley, content creator, author

Blake Moynes, contestant on the 16th season of The Bachelorette

Shaun Monson, director

Roberto De Feo, director and screenwriter of The Nest (2019)

Dirk Verbeuren, drummer of American thrash metal band Megadeth

Queer Brown Vegan, environmental and sustainability blogger

Mark Achbar, filmmaker

Kip Anderson, filmmaker, writer and producer of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) What the Health (2017) and Seaspiracy (2021)

Dr Mark Benecke, forensic biologist

Boris Bransby-Williams, former drummer for The Cure

Bhargsetu Sharma, founder of Humans with humanity

Capt. Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and environmental activist

Mario Tozzi, geologist

Paul de Gelder, inspirational Speaker

Sabrina Giannini, investigative journalist and TV presenter

Ritika Gupta, journalist

Amy Aela, lifestyle and fashion blog, owner of a small clothing brand

Vlada Haggerty, make up artist

Reshma Phanse, Miss India Congeniality 2021

Ashvinaa Jeyabalan, Miss World Malaysia Top 15 2022

Athena Andreadis, musician

Tan Taşçı, musician

Rayvon Owen, musician, took part in the fourteenth season of American Idol

Chris Packham, naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author

Manas Kumar, performing arts musician

Jo-Anne Mcarthur, photojournalist, humane educator, animal rights activist and author. Known for ‘We Animals’ a photography project documenting human relationships with animals

Elena Malysheva, physician, internist, cardiologist, teacher, and television host

Dr. Melanie Joy, psychologist and author

Iris Kol, radio and television presenter

Nicole Young, realtor on Selling Sunset

Stephanie Braganza, recording artist and animal activist

Sahoo, sand artist

Vincent Ngo, screenwriter

Alfredo Meschi, self-described “artivist ” tattooed 40000 Xs on his body to draw attention to the killing of animals

Soya The Cow, sex-positive feminist, vegan drag cow

Denise Gutiérrez, singer

Sanam Puri, singer

Jann Arden, singer-songwriter

Suelly Louzada, singer-songwriter

Zeynep Casalini, singer-songwriter

Siva Kaneswaran, singer-songwriter and actor; known for being a member of the band The Wanted

Leona Lewis, singer-songwriter, actor, model and activist

Shani Rigsbee, singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

Stéphanie Gérard, singer, actor, TV Host and animal rights activist

Anushka Manchanda aka Kiss Nuka, singer, music producer, composer, creative entrepreneur, actor and activist

Jane Velez Mitchell, television and social media journalist, author with specialities in vegan lifestyles, animal rights, addiction and social justice

Wendy Turner Webster, television presenter, journalist and animal rights campaigner

Teejan Bai, traditional performing artist and musician

Amy Sorano, vegan activist and Instagram blogger

Seb Alex, vegan activist, writer, YouTube and Instagram blogger

Eathling Ed, vegan educator, author, public speaker and content creator

Annie Haslam, vocalist, songwriter and painter

“We have reached a critical point in the history of our planet and the time to take action is NOW! Making the change to a plant based diet is the most impactful way for us humans to give back to this beautiful earth and to protect the future of our own and countless other species. That’s why I’m signing the Plant Based Treaty.”

Sophie Aldred

Actress and TV Presenter