Plant Based Treaty Endorsers


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Senator Jesusa Rodríguez


To know if someone really wants to fight for justice, you have to see what they eat.

Dr. Sylwia Spurek

Member of European Parliament

Plant Based Treaty is the first step towards New Vegan Deal and total equality to ensure that no animal is left behind.

Emma Lewell-Buck MP

Labour Party, UK

I’m proud to be the first MP to endorse the Plant Based Treaty.

Eleonora Evi

Member of European Parliament

Our food system, based on overproduction and overconsumption of meat and animal products, is destroying the planet while failing to feed the world’s population. By turning the Plant Based Treaty into reality we can finally make it sustainable, healthy, and just for all living things.

Dr. Tomasz Anisko MP

Green Party, Poland

Scientists have made it clear: it will not be possible to halt catastrophic climate change without fundamentally changing the way we produce food and without shifting the agriculture sector from animal production to sustainable plant-based systems.

Emma Hurst MP

Animal Justice Party, Australia

Right now millions of animals are facing the terror of the slaughterhouse and our climate crisis is edging closer to the point of becoming irreversible. But it’s not too late for a solution. Now is the time to stand up and speak the truth and speak it loudly. Let’s be relentless. Let’s demand change. Let’s rise fearlessly and speak out against injustice.

Swapnil Avinash Bandekar

Corporator, Shiv Sena, Mumbai, India

I endorse the Plant Based Treaty because we urgently need to put this in the forefront – it’s the future of the planet and all that live here!

Juan Carlos Losada Vargas

Member of the House of Representatives, Colombia

There is no planet B. Our priorities have to change now, we need to act, our house is burning down and we cannot be mere spectators, we have to make the right decisions.

Diego Ibáñez

Environment Commission, Chile

The climate crisis is also political. Today we need to radically change our ways of life collectively, end irrational consumerism that destroys ecosystems, be aware that we are one world with nature and that there is no tomorrow if we do not change politics today.

Politicians by country


Lisandro Zeno, Democratic Progressive Party, Rosario


Animal Justice Party

Animal Justice Party South Australia

Emma Hurst MP

Andy Meddick MP

Mark Pearson MP

Peter Castaldo, Banyule Council

Lisa Baker, Labor Party representative for Maylands in the WA Parliament, Perth

Daniele Benedetti, Wollongong City Council


Animal Protection Party of Canada

Waterloo Green Party

Kim Fogtmann, Prince George, British Columbia

Councillor Alison Gu, City of Burnaby

Councillor James Gordon, Ward 2, City of Guelph

Councillor Rodrigo Goller, Ward 2, City of Guelph

Councillor Debbie Chapman, Ward 9, City of Kitchener

Councillor Megan Curren, Councillor, North Vancouver

David Wood, candidate for local municipal council in October in South Bruce, Ontario, Canada

MP Elizabeth May, Leader of Green Party for Saanich-Gulf Islands

Julie Dzerowicz, MP for Davenport, City of Toronto

Councillor Jaye Robinson, Don Valley West, City of Toronto

Councillor Josh Matlow, Toronto-St. Paul’s, City of Toronto

Parthi Kandavel, City Councillor candidate, Scarborough Southwest, City of Toronto

Councillor Pete Fry, City of Vancouver

Councillor Michael Wiebe, City of Vancouver

Kemal Ahmed, York Centre NDP candidate for the 2021 Canadian federal elections


Diego Ibáñez, president of the Water Resources Commission, and part of Constitutional Commission and Environment Commission

Sebastián Farfán, Consejero Regional Distrito 7, Core Elect (Regional Councilor)

Valeria Melipillan, Mayor of Quilpué and El Belloto


Juan Carlos Losada Vargas, Member of the Colombian House of Representatives


Europa Verde

Martin Buschmann MEP

Ciarán Cuffe MEP

Rosa D’Amato MEP

Clare Daly MEP

Eleonora Evi MEP

Francisco Guerreiro MEP

Anja Hazekamp MEP

Corrao Ignazio MEP

Katrin Langensiepen MEP

Tilly Metz MEP

Dr. Sylwia Spurek MEP


MP Mai Kivelä, Member of the Finnish Parliament, Helsinki City Councillor


Edith Bartelmus-Scholich, Country spokeswoman for the national working group ‘Ecological platform’

Philipp Bruck, MdBB, Green Party

Camila Cirlini, Member of the Communal Parliament of Guetersloh

Beate Saul, Volt Bonn Councillor

Ali Kaya, Member of the city council of Dinslaken for the AWG party

Peter Ries, Garath and Hellerhof, Dusseldorf

Ingrid Silvasi, Bezirksvertretung (Innenstadt-West Dortmund), Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Luis Hotten, Sprecher (Grüne Jugend Dortmund), Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Berit Heller, Die Linke party, Mitglied Stadtbezirksbeirat, Dresden

Herbert Förster, Piratenpartei Deutschland, Frankfurt

Katrin Langensiepen, Die Grünen, Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments, Hannover

Marie Burnelei, Die PARTEI, Anti-Diskriminierungsbeauftragte, Munich

Nicola Holtmann, ÖDP councillor, Munich

Julia Schmitt-Thiel, City Councillor SPD/Volt, Munich

Maris Burneleit, member of the city council of Munich for Die PARTEI

Patrick Alberti, Member of the Regional Council in Oftersheim, Green Party

Knut Dörfel, Die Linke party

Nora Bihlmayer, Landesvorsitzende V-Partei³, Stuttgart



Kwame Tenkorang, Ghanaian diplomat and foreign service personnel


Corporator Dinesh Bub, Nationalist Congress Party Corporator for Amravati District

Sunil Panjabrao Deshmukh, Member of Legislative Assembly from the constituency of Amravati, Maharashtra, India. Member of Indian National Congress

Kiritsinh Rana, Cabinet Minister of Forest, Environment, Climate Change, Printing and Stationery in Government of Gujarat. Member of Legislative assembly from Limbdi in Gujarat.
Mayor of Jabalpur City Mr. Jagat Bahadur Annu, Indian National Congress for Jabalpur

Member of Parliament and Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India Mr. Vivek Tankha, Indian National Congress for Jabalpur Constituency

Member of the Legislative Assembly, and former minister Mr. Lakhan Ghangoriya for Jabalpur East

Shivkumar Mishra, Vice president of Mandla District Congress Committee

Corporator Swapnil Bandekar, Shiv Sena corporator for Nallasopara

Member of Legislative Assembly, Mr. Ashok Rohani for Jabalpur Cantt Vidhan Sabha Constituency


Cllr Colm O’Rourke, Dublin


Alon Tal, Member of the Israeli Knesset

Eli Avidar, Minister

Moshe “Mossi” Raz, Meretz party, Member of Knesset

Yasmin Friedman (Yesh Atid), Member of Knesset

Cllr Hila Laufer, Haifa

Dror Ben Ami, Founder of The Green Party, Herzliya

Miki Haimovich, Former Member of the Israeli Knesset, Tel Aviv


Giovani Comuniste/i

Rifondazione Comunista

Sinistra x Roma

Maurizio Acerbo. National Secretary of the party Rifondazione Comunista

Paolo Berdini, consultant for urban planning of Lazio region

Daniele Diaco, Politician

Stefano Fassina. Member of Parliament of the Italian Republic and Municipal Councillor of Rome, former Deputy Minister for the Economy

Elena Fattori, Senator of the Italian Republic and Secretary of the Agriculture Commission

Councilor Marianna Duregon, Lista Sorino for Noale

Luigi Felaco, Green Party Councillor for Naples

Giuliano Granato, national speaker for Potere Al Popolo, Naples

Luca Di Costanzo, Councilor IX Municipality of Naples

Nicola Frantoianni, Member of the Italian Republic and secretary of Sinistra Italiana

Giuseppe Libutti, Lawyer, politician, candidate to the City Council of Rome

Elena Mazzoni, National Responsible for the environment at Rifondazione Comunista Party

Paola Nugnes, Member of the Italian Senate

Aurora Serra, IdeAzione Bussero Condivisa


Alessandra Rojo de la Vega

Senator Jesusa Rodriguez

Gabriela Cárdenas, City Councillor, Zapopan


De Groenen (The Greens)

Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals): In January 2022, Party of the Animals tabled a motion in the Dutch parliament calling on the government to sign the Plant Based Treaty.

Matthijs Pontier, Piratenpartij, Amsterdam

Hanneke Schmeets, Partij voor de Dieren, Den Haag

Inge-Astrid van Dijk, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Manon van der Meulen, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Marije Visser, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Marrit Nijdam, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Wesley Pechler, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Wynanda van de Land, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Malcolm Jones, Partij voor de Dieren, Leiden

Michantely De Jong, BIJ1 party, Rotterdam

Peggy Cremers, Partij voor de Dieren, Tilburg

René van der Kruk, Partij voor de Dieren, Utrecht

Kees de Graaf, Partij van de Arbeid, Zuidlaren


Sherbahadur Kunwar, CPN (Unified Socialist), Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Kathmandu

New Zealand

Councillor Peter Castaldo, Griffin ward


Hanne Feragen, Leader of MDG Røros and 1st deputy Trøndelag County Council


Walkiria Chandler D’Orcy, Deputy of the Republic of Panama


Jhay Gaspar, City Youth Development Officer, Ormoc


Partia Zieloni – The Polish Green Party

Young Left


MP Tomasz Aniśko

Urszula Sara Zielińska, Co-President and MP of Green Party

Cllr. Filip Pelc, Białołęka district, Warsaw

Wanda Majewska, Partia Zieloni, Warsaw


Inês de Sousa Real, MEP and Spokesperson for the People Animals Nature parliamentary group

Isabel Ferreira, PAN-political party, Moita

Sónia Pires, Tavira City councillor, Socialist Party, Tavira

South Africa

Alan Winde, Premier of the Western Cape


Therese Ericsson, Leader, Djurens parti


Besriye Tekgür, HDP İzmir Provincial Chair

Özlem Teke, Co-Spokeperson of Greens, Turkey 

United Kingdom



South Tyneside Green Party

Left Unity

Salford Liberal Democrats

Wyre Forest Green Party



Kerry McCarthy, MP for Bristol West

Henry Smith, MP for Crawley

Emma Lewell-Buck, MP for South Shields



Cllr. Ann Bridges, Conservative Vice-Chair for Widewater ward, Lancing, Adur District Council

Cllr. Jane Smith, Animal Welfare Party Councillor for Alsager Town Council

Cllr. Barry McKee, Green Party Councillor for Bangor West, Ards & North Down Borough Council

Cllr. Lauren Kendall, Green Party Councillor for Ards & North Down Borough Council

Cllr. John Shephard, Labour Party Councillor for Worksop South East, Bassetlaw District Council

Cllr. Ruth Malloy, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Weston, Bath & North East Somerset Council

Cllr. Shaun Stephenson-McGall, Liberal Democrat Vice-Chair for Oldfield Park ward, Bath & North East Somerset Council

Cllr. Lucy Bywater, Green Party Councillor for Castle ward, Bedford Borough Council

Cllr. Christine Catterall, Conservative Party Councillor for Bexleyheath and Crayford, Bexley Borough Council

Cllr. David Smith, Labour Party Councillor for Darwen West, Blackburn with Darwen Council

Cllr. L-J Evans, Poole People Councillor for Poole Town, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

Cllr. Sandra Moore, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Canford Heath, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

Cllr. Caroline Whitaker, Green Party Councillor for Craven ward, Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Cllr. Susan Dowling, Labour Party Councillor for Thetford East, Breckland District Council

Cllr. Amy Heley, Green Party Councillor for Preston Park, Brighton and Hove City Council

Cllr. Amirah Cole, Labour Party Councillor for Ashley, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Andrew Varney, Deputy Lord Mayor 2021-2022, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Brislington West, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Barry Parsons, Green Party Councillor for Easton ward, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Carla Denyer, Green Party Councillor for Clifton Down, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Christine Townsend, Green Party Councillor for Southville, Bristol City Council

Cllr. David Wilcox, Green Party Councillor for Lockleaze, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Ed Plowden, Green Party Councillor for Windmil Hill, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Heather Mack, Green Party Councillor for Lockleaze, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Katy Grant, Green Party Councillor for Clifton, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Martin Fodor, Green Party Councillor for Redland, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Mohamed Makawi, Green Party Councillor for Cotham ward, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Philippa Hulme, Labour Party Councillor for Horfield, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Tim Wye, Green Party Councillor for Ashley, Bristol City Council

Cllr. Eleanor Laming, Green Party Councillor for Brundall ward, Broadland District Council

Cllr. Ewan Jones, Green Party Mayor for Bruton Town Council

Cllr. Paul Cropper, Conservative Councillor for Bury Borough Council

Cllr. Siân Berry, Green Party Councillor for Highgate ward, Camden Borough Council

Cllr. Neil Gulliver, Conservative Councillor for Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park,, Chelmsford City Council

Cllr. Linda Mascot, Liberal Democrat Deputy Mayor for Goat Hall ward, Chelmsford City Council

Cllr. Ian Middleton, Green Party Councillor for Oxdshire, Cherwell District Council

Cllr. Dave Jones, Labour Party Councillor for Glyn y Marl Ward, Conwy County Borough Council

Cllr. Tamsyn Widdon, Green Party Councillor for Penryn Ward, Cornwall Council

Cllr. Loic Rich, Independent Councillor for Cornwall Council

Cllr. Richard Morgan, Conservative Councillor for Grumbolds Ash with Avening, Cotswold District Council

Cllr. Jayne Innes, Labour Party Councillor for Whoberley ward, Coventry City Council

Cllr. Asha Masih, Conservative Party Councillor for Westwood ward, Coventry City Council

Cllr. Smita Raja, Labour Party Councillor for Northgate & West Green, Crawley Borough Council

Cllr. Tina Belben, Conservative Councillor for Pound Hill North & Forge Wood, Crawley Borough Council

Cllr. Ria Patel, Green Party Councillor for Fairfield, Croydon Borough Council

Cllr. Leila Ben-Hassel, Labour Party Councillor for Norbury And Pollards Hill, Croydon Council, London

Cllr. Matthew Buckler, Green Party Councillor for Stanton, Matlock, Derbyshire Dales District Council

Cllr. Brian Heatley, Green Party Councillor for Rodwell And Wyke, Dorset Council

Cllr. Jon Orrell, Green Party Councillor for Melcombe Regis, Dorset Council

Cllr. Dave Bolwell, Conservative Councillor for Bridport, Dorset Council

Cllr. Clare Sutton, Green Party Councillor for Rodwell and Wyke, Dorset Council

Cllr. Miriam Rice, Labour Party Councillor for Northolt Mandeville ward, Ealing Borough Council

Cllr. Andrew Steed, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Southfield ward, Ealing Borough Council

Cllr. Denise Bickley, Independent Councillor for Sidmouth Town, East Devon District Council

Cllr. Ben Crystall, Green Party Leader for Hertford Bengeo, East Hertfordshire District

Cllr. Wendy Maples, Green Party Councillor for Lewes, East Sussex County Council

Cllr. Scott Arthur, Scottish Labour Party Councillor for Colinton / Fairmilehead, Edinburgh City Council

Cllr. Claire Miller, Scottish Green Party Councillor for Ward 11 – City Centre, Edinburgh City Council

Cllr. Jemima Moore, Independent Councillor for Newtown & St Leonards, Exeter City Council

Cllr. Diana Moore, Green Party Councillor for St David’s ward, Exeter City Council

Cllr. Amy Sparling, Green Party Councillor for St David’s ward, Exeter City Council

Cllr. Carol Bennett, Green Party Councillor for Heavitree ward, Exeter City Council

Cllr. Tess Read, Green Party Councillor for St David’s, Exeter City Council

Cllr. Joshua Ellis-Jones, Labour Party Councillor for Topsham, Exeter City Council

Cllr. David Healey, Labour Party Councillor for Caergwrle ward, Flintshire County Council

Cllr. David Evans, Labour Party Councillor for Shotton ward, Flintshire County Council

Cllr. Sam Swash, Labour Party Councillor for Mancot, Flintshire County Council

Cllr. Dan Rose, Labour Party Councillor for Buckley: Bistre West, Flintshire County Council

Cllr. Chris McFarling, Green Party Councillor for Sedbury, Forest of Dean District

Cllr. Bailie Sharon Greer, Scottish Labour Party Councillor for North East, Glasgow City Council

Cllr. Martha Wardrop, Green Party Councillor for Hillhead, Glasgow City Council

Cllr. Bailie Paul McCabe, Scottish National Party (SNP) Councillor for Linn, Glasgow City Council

Cllr. Jon Cousins, Green Party Mayor for St Edmund’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Cllr. Ian Mutch, Green Party Councillor for St Benedict’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Cllr. Lokabandhu, Green Party Councillor for St Edmund’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Cllr. Mike Smyth, Green Party Councillor for St Mary’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Cllr. Indra Donfrancesco, Green Party Councillor for St Benedict’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Cllr. Serena Roney-Dougal, Green Party Councillor for St Edmund’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Cllr. Cate Cody, Green Party Councillor for Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire County Council

Cllr. Lade Hephzibah Olugbemi, Labour Party Councillor for West Thamesmead, Greenwich Borough Council

Cllr. Alastair Binnie-Lubbock, Green Party Councillor for Hackney Downs ward, Hackney Borough Council

Cllr. Sabina Arthur, Labour Party Councillor for Braybrook, Hastings Borough Council

Cllr. Richard Nicholson, Green Party Councillor for Heath, Haywards Heath Council

Cllr. Louis Stark, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Ross West, Herefordshire Council

Cllr. Jeremy Milln, Green Party Councillor for Hereford (Central), Herefordshire Council

Cllr. Bob Platt, Green Party Councillor for Steyning And Ashurst ward, Horsham District Council

Cllr. Michael Croker, Green Party Councillor for Bramber, Upper Beeding and Woodmancote, Horsham District Council

Cllr. Joan Grech, Green Party Councillor for Storrington and Washington, Horsham District Council

Cllr. Claire Critchison, Alliance Group Councillor for Chale Niton and Shorwell, Isle of Wight Council

Cllr. Dave Poyser, Labour Party Councillor for Hillrise ward, Islington Borough Council

Cllr. Benali Hamdache, Green Party Councillor for Highbury, Islington Borough Council

Cllr. Frank De Molfetta, Labour Party Councillor for Lancashire County

Cllr. Abi Mills, Green Party Councillor for Scotforth West ward, Lancaster City Council

Cllr. Faye Penny, Eco-socialist Independents Councillor for John O’Gaunt ward, Lancaster City Council

Cllr. Alistair Sinclair, Eco-socialist Independents Councillor for John O’Gaunt Ward, Lancaster City Council

Cllr. Hemant Rae Bhatia, Labour Party Councillor for Beaumont Leys, Leicester City Council

Cllr. Geoff Whittle, Labour Party Councillor for Knighton ward, Leicester City Council

Cllr. Patrick Kitterick, Labour Party Councillor for Castle ward, Leicester City Council

Cllr. Alan Tormey, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Liverpool City Council

Cllr. Richard Kemp CBE, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Wavertree, Liverpool City Council

Cllr. Alison Kelly, Labour Party Councillor for Haverstock ward, London Borough of Camden Council

Cllr. Sue Anderson, Labour Party Councillor for London Borough of Harrow Council

Cllr. Andrew Malcolm, Labour Party Councillor for High Town ward, Luton Borough Council

Mary Crumpton, Green Local Election candidate for Chorlon, Manchester

Cllr. Rob Nunney, Green Party Councillor for Woodhouse Park, Manchester City Council

Cllr. Tom Ronan, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Wells St. Thomas, Mendip District Council

Cllr. Lois Rogers, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Wells Central ward, Mendip District Council

Cllr. Lindsay MacDougall, Green Party Councillor for St Marys, Glastonbury Town Council and, Mendip District Council & Glastonbury Town Council

Cllr. Linda Kirby, Labour Party Councillor for Graveney, Merton London Borough Council

Cllr. Anne Eves, Green Party Councillor for Burgess Hill – Leylands, Mid Sussex District Council

Cllr. Jennifer Wilson-Marklew, Labour Party Councillor for Stony Stratford ward, Milton Keynes Council

Cllr. Pauline Wallis, Labour Party Councillor for Central Milton Keynes ward, Milton Keynes Council

Cllr. Lara Ellis, Labour Party Councillor for Heaton ward, Newcastle upon Tyne City

Cllr. Ben Price, Green Party Councillor for Thorpe Hamlet, Norfolk County Council

Cllr. Jamie Osborn, Green Party Councillor for Mancroft City and County, Norfolk County Council

Cllr. Carol Stanier, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Royston Heath, North Hertfordshire District Council

Cllr. Georgie Perry-Warnes, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Holt ward, North Norfolk District Council

Cllr. Emily Fedorowycz, Green Party Councillor for Kettering, North Northamptonshire Council

Cllr. Dez Dell, Green Party Councillor for Clover Hill, North Northamptonshire Council

Cllr. Lesley Grahame, Green Party Councillor for Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich City Council

Cllr. Lucy Galvin, Green Party Councillor for Nelson ward, Norwich City Council

Cllr. Paula Dunne, Labour Party Councillor for Cowley, Oxford City Council

Cllr. Vanessa Thomas, Councillor for Pembrokeshire County Council

Cllr. Doug Cresswell, Green Party Councillor for Katesgrove, Reading Borough Council

Cllr. Dave McElroy, Green Party Councillor for Redlands, Reading Borough Council

Cllr. Josh Williams, Green Party Councillor for Park Ward, Reading Borough Council

Cllr. James Moore, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Tilehurst, Reading Borough Council

Cllr. Dan Owen-Jones, Labour Party Councillor for Tonyrefail East, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council

Cllr. Bev Place, Labour Party Councillor for North Heywood, Rochdale Borough Council

Cllr. Billy Sheerin, Labour Party Councillor for Castleton, Rochdale Council

Cllr. Ashan Jeeawon, Independent Councillor for Bexhill St Stephens, Rother District Council

Cllr. Hannah Robinson-Smith, Labour Party Councillor for Cadishead And Lower Irlam, Salford City Council

Cllr. Graham Godwin-Pearson, Conservative Councillor for Axevale ward, Sedgemoor District Council

Cllr. Bernard Little, Green Party Councillor for Walkley ward, Sheffield City Council

Cllr. Julia Evans, Green Party Councillor for Radbrook ward, Shropshire Council

Cllr. Karl Macnaughton, Green Party Councillor for Chelmsley Wood, Solihull City Council

Cllr. Stephen Rymer, Green Party Councillor for Chelmsley Wood, Solihull City Council

Cllr. Ian Aldridge, Independent Councillor for Watchet & Williton, Somerset West & Taunton Council

Cllr. Caroline Ellis, Liberal Democrat Councillor for North Town ward, Somerset West & Taunton Council

Cllr. David Herbert, Green Party Councillor for Cleadon & East Boldon, South Tyneside Council

Cllr. Martin Berry, Labour Party Councillor for St Lukes Ward, Southend On Sea City Council

Cllr. Brian Beggs, Conservative Party Councillor for St Lukes Ward, Southend On Sea City Council

Cllr. Maxine Sadza, Labour Party Councillor for Milton ward, Southend On Sea City Council

Cllr. Richard Leeming, Labour Party Councillor for Dulwich Village ward, Southwark Borough Council

Cllr. Sophie Hughes-Saunier, Green Party Councillor for St Martin’s, St Martin’s Parish Council

Cllr. Stephen Booth, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Chells ward, Stevenage Borough Council

Cllr. Gill Cleeve, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Hathaway ward, Stratford-On-Avon District Council

Cllr. Manuela Perteghella, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Welford-on-Avon, Stratford-On-Avon District Council

Cllr. Roger Harding, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Bishopton ward, Stratford-On-Avon Town Council

Cllr. Lee Alan Huntbach, Green Party Councillor for Ashton Waterloo ward, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Cllr. Janet Bradford, Newton Says No Councillor for Newton Abbot, Teignbridge District Council

Cllr. Alistair Dewhirst, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader for Ipplepen ward, Teignbridge District Council

Cllr. Andrew Scarth, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Oxhey Hall and Hayling ward, Three Rivers District Council

Cllr. Chris Mitchell, Green Party Councillor for Dickinsons ward, Three Rivers District Council

Cllr. Daniel Jerrome, Green Party Councillor for Altrincham, Trafford Borough Council

Cllr. Geraldine Coggins, Green Party Councillor for Altrincham ward, Trafford Borough Council

Cllr. Rose Thompson, Labour Party Councillor for Brooklands ward, Trafford Borough Council

Cllr. Lindsay Southcombe, Green Party Councillor for Boscawen & Redannick Ward, Truro City Council

Cllr. Ellen Neville, Tunbridge Wells Alliance Councillor for Hawkhurst & Sandhurst, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Cllr. Ayub Khan, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Stansted South & Birchanger ward, Uttlesford District Council

Cllr. Hayleigh Gascoigne, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Blewbury and Harwell, Vale Of White Horse District Council

Cllr. Paul Barrow, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Ridgeway, Vale Of White Horse District Council

Cllr. Jack Hemingway, Labour Party Deputy Leader for Stanley and Outwood, Wakefield City Council

Cllr. Rhiannon Eglin, Labour Party Councillor for Leyton, Waltham Forest Borough Council

Cllr. Leonie Cooper, Labour Party Councillor for Merton and Wandsworth, Wandsworth Borough Council

Cllr. Andrew Prosser, Green Party Councillor for Witney North ward, West Oxfordshire District Council

Cllr. Elizabeth Poskitt, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Woodstock, West Oxfordshire District Council

Cllr. Rosie Pearson, Green Party Councillor for Brize Norton and Shilton, West Oxfordshire District Council

Cllr. Andy Goodwin, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Eynsham and Cassington, West Oxfordshire District Council

Cllr. Trevor Carbin, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Holt, Wiltshire Council

Cllr. Amy Tisi, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Clewer East, Windsor & Maidenhead Borough Council

Cllr. Ian Lewis, Conservative Councillor for Wallasey ward, Wirral Borough Council

Cllr. Jason Walsh, Green Party Councillor for Bebington ward, Wirral Borough Council

Cllr. Jo Bird, Green Party Councillor for Bromborough ward, Wirral Borough Council

Cllr. Naomi Graham, Green Party Councillor for Prenton ward, Wirral Borough Council

Cllr. Vicky Caulfield, Green Party Councillor for Blakebrook and Habberle, Wyre Forest District


Members of UK Parliament who signed EDM 434 in support of Plant Based Treaty

Emma Lewell-Buck, Labour MP for South Shields

Colum Eastwood, Social Democratic and Labour Party MP for Foyle

Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat MP for Bath

Jim Shannon, Democratic Union Party MP for Strangford

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Labour MP for Streatham

Tony Lloyd, Labour MP for Rochdale

Christine Jardine, Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton

Navendu Mishra, Labour MP for Stockport

Rosie Cooper, Labour MP for West Lancashire

Dr Lisa Cameron, Scottish National Party MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow

John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington

Paul Blomfield, Labour MP for Sheffield Central

Chris Stephens, Scottish National Party for Glasgow South West

Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham

David Linden, Scottish National Party MP for Glasgow East

Apsana Begum, Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse

Mohammad Yasin, Labour MP for Bedford

Dr Rupa Huq, Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton

Rachael Maskell, Labour MP for York Central

United States

Green Party Maricopa County


Tammy Fiebelkorn, Albuquerque City Council Member for District 7

Daniela Silva, Austin City Council Member for District 3

David Michel, State Representative for the 146th House District, Connecticut

Mayor Justin Massey, Hermosa Beach, California,

Adriane Johnson, Illinois State Senator serving the 30th District

Paul Koretz, Los Angeles City Council Member 

Nithya Raman, Los Angeles City Council Member

Ann Schneider, Mayor of Millbrae

Pricey Harrison, Member, NC House of Representatives

Richard N. Gottfried, New York Assembly, District 75

Councilmember Shahana Hanif, District 39 New York City Council

Rebecca A. Seawright, New York Assembly District 76

Julia Salazar, New York State Senator

Dominique Johnson, member of the Common Council of the City of Norwalk, CT

Jon Thompson, Sedona City Council Candidate, Sedona

Gay Lynn Bennion, member of the Utah House of Representatives from the 46th District

Francesca Hong, Member of Wisconsin State Assembly

Melissa Agard, Wisconsin State Senate, District 16

Supreme Moore Omokunde, Wisconsin State Assembly, Representing Assembly District 17




Mario Bergara. Senator of Uruguay. Economist, public accountant, professor and politician of “Frente Amplio”.

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