Plant Based Treaty Endorsers


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Senator Jesusa Rodríguez


To know if someone really wants to fight for justice, you have to see what they eat.

Dr. Sylwia Spurek

Member of European Parliament

Plant Based Treaty is the first step towards New Vegan Deal and total equality to ensure that no animal is left behind.

Emma Lewell-Buck MP

Labour Party, UK

I’m proud to be the first MP to endorse the Plant Based Treaty.

Eleonora Evi

Member of European Parliament

Our food system, based on overproduction and overconsumption of meat and animal products, is destroying the planet while failing to feed the world’s population. By turning the Plant Based Treaty into reality we can finally make it sustainable, healthy, and just for all living things.

Dr. Tomasz Anisko MP

Green Party, Poland

Scientists have made it clear: it will not be possible to halt catastrophic climate change without fundamentally changing the way we produce food and without shifting the agriculture sector from animal production to sustainable plant-based systems.

Emma Hurst MP

Animal Justice Party, Australia

Right now millions of animals are facing the terror of the slaughterhouse and our climate crisis is edging closer to the point of becoming irreversible. But it’s not too late for a solution. Now is the time to stand up and speak the truth and speak it loudly. Let’s be relentless. Let’s demand change. Let’s rise fearlessly and speak out against injustice.

Swapnil Avinash Bandekar

Corporator, Shiv Sena, Mumbai, India

I endorse the Plant Based Treaty because we urgently need to put this in the forefront – it’s the future of the planet and all that live here!

Juan Carlos Losada Vargas

Member of the House of Representatives, Colombia

There is no planet B. Our priorities have to change now, we need to act, our house is burning down and we cannot be mere spectators, we have to make the right decisions.

Diego Ibáñez

Environment Commission, Chile

The climate crisis is also political. Today we need to radically change our ways of life collectively, end irrational consumerism that destroys ecosystems, be aware that we are one world with nature and that there is no tomorrow if we do not change politics today.

Zoe Mayer

MP, Germany

Almost 760 million animals live and die in Germany every year for meat production alone. Aside from the unfathomable animal suffering, our meat-heavy diet is a highly relevant driver of climate change. The shift toward a plant-based diet is central to solving many of the problems of our time, including world hunger and the climate crisis.

Politicians by country




Lisandro Zeno, Ex Councillor, Democratic Progressive Party, Rosario

Gaston Morando, Ex ministro, Tandil, Buenos Aires

Political Parties


Animal Justice Party

Animal Justice Party South Australia




Mark Pearson, Former MP, Animal Justice Party, New South Wales

Emma Hurst, MP, Animal Justice Party, New South Wales

Andy Meddick, Former MP, Animal Justice Party, Victoria

Georgie Purcell, MP, Animal Justice Party, Northern Victoria, Woodend




Belinda Coates, Councillor, Australian Greens, Central Ward, Ballarat

Trent McCarthy, Councillor, Darebin

Justine Langford, Councillor, Greens, Marrickville, Inner West (NSW)

Darren Power, Mayor, Logan

Dr Josh Fergeus, Councillor, Australian Greens, Oakleigh Ward, Melbourne

Anjalee de Silva, Councillor, Australian Greens, Mount Waverley Ward, Melbourne

Tamara Smith, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Green Party, New South Wales

Lisa Baker, Councilor, Labor Party, Maylands, Perth

Lazaras Panayiotou, Councillor, Port Adelaide Enfield, South Australia

Philipa Veitch, Councillor, Australian Greens, West, Randwick-Sydney

Peter Castaldo, Mayor, Green Party, Banyule Council, Griffin ward, Victoria

Bridgid O’Brien, Councillor, Nicholls Ward, Yarra City Council, Melbourne



Koen De Vylder, Gemeenteraadslid, Borgerhout

Karla Persyn, Gemeenteraadslid, Gent

Brigitte Smets, Raadsleden, RoodGroen+, Hasselt

Eva Platteau, Gemeenteraadslid, Groen, Leuven

Frie Niesten, Gemeenteraadslid, Mechelen

Degand Anne, Conseillère, Namur

Political Parties


Animal Protection Party of Canada

Waterloo Green Party




Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party, Saanich-Gulf Islands, British Columbia

Leah Taylor Roy, MP, Liberal Party, Aurora Oak Ridges, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Alexandra Mendès, MP, Brossard-Saint-Lambert, Quebec

Julie Dzerowicz, MP, Liberal Party, Davenport, Toronto




Alison Gu, Councillor, Burnaby, British Columbia

Rodrigo Goller, Councillor, Ward 2, Guelph

James Gordon, Former Councillor, Ward 2, Guelph

Debbie Chapman, Councillor, Ward 9, Kitchener

Lucie Ouellet, Councillor, District 5, Lanoraie

Evelyne Tremblay, Conseillère, Les Éboulements

Julie Roy, Councillor, Montréal

Jessica McIlroy, Councillor, North Vancouver

Kyla Knowles, Councillor, Port Moody

Nathalie Bélisle, Conseillère, Cantley, Quebec

Linda Cournoyer, Conseillère, Saint-David, Quebec

Loïc Blancquaert, Conseiller, Saint-Lambert

David Huggins-Daines, Councillor, Sainte-Adèle

Jaye Robinson, Councillor, Don Valley West, Toronto

Josh Matlow, Councillor, St. Paul’s, Toronto

Amber Morley, City Councillor, Toronto

Michael Wiebe, Councillor, Vancouver

Pete Fry, Councillor, Vancouver

Adriane Carr, Councillor, Vancouver




Valeria Melipilla, Mayor, Municipalidad de Quilpué

Beatriz Albornoz Soto, Consejo, Partido Comunista, Santiago

Diego Ibáñez, Member Of The Chamber Of Deputies, Social Convergence, 6th District, Valparaíso Region

Sebastián Farfán, Regional Councillor, Social Convergence, Marga Marga, Valparaíso Region




Juan Carlos Losada Vargas, Member Of The Colombian House Of Representatives, Colombian Liberal Party, Bogata

Andrea Padilla, Senator, Los Animales 22-26, Bogata




Michael Monberg, Councillor, Veganerpartiet, Lille Skensved


Political Parties


Europa Verde




Martin Buschmann, MEP, Tierschutzpartei, Germany

Katrin Langensiepen, MEP, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Germany

Andrew Mcloughlin, MEP, Ireland

Ciarán Cuffe, MEP, Green Party, Ireland

Clare Daly, MEP, Independents 4 Change, Ireland

Rosa D’Amato, MEP, Independents 4 Change, Ireland

Corrao Ignazio, MEP, Five Star Movement, Italy

Eleonora Evi, MEP, Green Europe, Italy

Tilly Metz, MEP, Independent, Luxembourg

Anja Hazekamp, MEP, Party for the Animals, Netherlands

Dr. Sylwia Spurek, MEP, Independent, Poland

Francisco Guerreiro, MEP, People Animals Nature, Portugal




Mai Kivelä, Member Of The Finnish Parliament And City Councillor, Helsinki

Political Parties


Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Tierschutzpolitik von BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN




Marie-Luise Thierauf, spokeswoman for the State Working Group on Ecology, Animals, Environment and Nature, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Bavaria

Christian Volke, Ratsmitglied, Bochum

Beate Saul, Stadtverordnete, Volt, Bonn

Ali Kaya, Ratsmitglied, AWG party, Dinslaken

Benjamin Beckmann, Ratsmitglied, Dortmund

Klaus Sichelschmidt, Fraktionssprecher, Bündnis 90/Die Grüne, Dortmund

Astrid Cramer, Fraktionssprecherin, Bündnis 90/Die Grüne, Dortmund

Ingrid Silvasi, Mitglied Der Bezirksvertretung, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Dortmund

Luis Hotten, Mitglied Der Bezirksvertretung, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Dortmund

Berit Heller, Mitglied Des Stadtbezirksrates, Die Linke, Dresden

Peter Ries, Mitglied Der Bezirksvertretung, Freie Wähler, Düsseldorf

Knut Dörfel, Mitglied Des Ortsbeirates, Die Linke, Frankfurt am Main

Herbert Förster, Mitglied Der Stadtverordnetenversammlung, Die Fraktion, Frankfurt am Main

Sarah Pscherer, Kreisvorsitzende, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Hamburg

Lisa Maria Otte, Tierschutzpolitische Sprecherin, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Hamburg

Philipp Bruck, Mitglied Der Bremischen Bürgerschaft, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Hansestadt Bremen

Renate Rastätter, Ratsmitglied, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Karlsruhe

Zoe Mayer, Mitglied Des Bundestags, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Karlsruhe

Claudia Brock-Storms, Ratsmitglied, SPD, Köln

Edith Bartelmus-Scholich, Mitglied Des Landesvorstands, Die Linke, Krefeld

Katrin Langensiepen, Mitglied Des Europaparlaments, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Langenhagen

Julia Schmitt-Thiel, Stadträtin, SPD/Volt, München

Nicola Holtmann, Stadträtin, ÖDP, München

Marie Burneleit, Stadträtin, Die Linke, München

Nora Bihlmayer, Landesvorsitzende, V-Partei³, Stuttgart




Kwame Tenkorang, Diplomat And Foreign Service Personnel, Gold Coast



Kiritkumar Parmar, Mayor, Ahmedabad

Chetan Gawand, Mayor, Amravati

Sunil Panjabrao Deshmukh, Member of Legislative Assembly, Member of National Congress, Amravati

Dinesh Bub, Nationalist Congress Party Corporator, Amravati

Kirtibada H. Danidhariya, Mayor, Bhavnagar

Ashok Rohani, Member of Legislative Assembly, Cantt Vidhan Sabha Constituency, Jabalpur

Hitesh Makwana, Mayor, Gandhinagar

Vivek Tankha, Indian National Congress, Jabalpur

Jagat Bahadur Annu, Mayor, National Congress, Jabalpur

Lakhan Ghanghoria, Member of Legislative Assembly, Jabalpur East

Binaben A. Kothari, Mayor, Jamnagar

Sanjay Bansode, Nationalist Congress Party, Latur

Kirtisinh Rana, Cabinet Minister of Forest, Environment and Climate Change. Member of Legislative Assembly, Limbdi, Gujarat

Tarun Bhanot, Member of Legislative Assembly, Madhya Pradesh

Kishorsinh R. Parmar, Mayor of Ahmedabad city, Mundra

Dayashankar Tiwari, Mayor, Nagpur

Swapnil Bandekar, Shiv Sena Corporator, Nallasopara

Atul Pandit, Educational Bureaucrat, Rajkot

Pradip Dav, Mayor, Rajkot

Nikhil Madan, Mayor, Sonipat

Naresh Ganpat Mhaske, Mayor, Thane

Keyur Rokadiya, Mayor, Vadodara



Yandi Gouw, MP




Isyak Meirobie, Mayor, Belitung





Colm O’Rourke, Councillor, Fine Gael, Cabra – Glasnevin, Dublin City Council

Donna Cooney, Councillor, Green Party, Clontarf – North Central Area, Dublin City Council

John Burtchaell, Councillor, Solidarity, Fingal County Council

Peter Hamilton, Councillor, Green Party, Maynooth, Kildare County Council

Deirdre Heney, Councillor, Fianna Fáil, Clontarf: North Central Area, Killester

Lyn Hagin Meade, Councillor, Green Party, Firhouse – Bohernabreena, South Dublin County Council

Guss O’Connell, Councillor, Independent, Palmerstown, South Dublin County Council

Hazel Smyth, Councillor, Green Party, Mullingar – Kinnegad, Westmeath County Council

Louise Heavin, Councillor, Green Party, Athlone – Moate District, Westmeath County Council

Rory O Connor, Councillor, Independent, Bray West, Wicklow County Council

Stephen Stokes, Councillor, Independent, Greystones District, Wicklow County Council

Mary Kavanagh, Councillor, Independent, Wicklow, Wicklow Municipal District Council



דוד בן אברהם, Councillor, Ashqelon, אשקלו

Political Parties


Europa Verde

Giovani Comuniste/i

Rifondazione Comunista

Sinistra x Roma

Unione Popolare




Maurizio Acerbo, National Secretary Of The Party, Rifondazione Comunista Party, Abruzzo

Paola Nugnes, Former Member Of The Italian Senate, Movimento 5 stelle, Brescia

Aurora Serra, Councillor, IdeAzione Bussero Condivisa, Bussero

Elena Mazzoni, National Responsible For The Environment, Rifondazione Comunista Party, Italy

Paolo Berdini, Consultant For Urban Planning, Unione Popolare, Lazio

Elena Fattori, Senator Of The Italian Republic And Secretary Of The Agriculture Commission, Sinistra Italiana, Lazio

Cristina Ganini, Co-Spokesperson, Europa Verde, Milano

Emmanuele Napoli, Consigliere Regione Lombardia, Partito Democratico, Milano

Nicola Fratoianni, Member Of The Italian Republic And Secretary, Sinistra Italiana, Molise

Luca Di Costanzo, Councillor, Movimento 5 stelle, Napoli

Luigi Felaco, Former Councillor, Europa Verde, Napoli

Giuliano Granato, National Spokesperson, Potere al Popolo, Napoli

Chiara Capretti, Consigliera, Napoli

Marianna Duregon, Councillor, Lista Sorino, Noale

Stefano Fassina, Member Of Parliament Of The Italian Republic And Municipal Councillor, Lista Civica Ecologista, Roma

Daniele Diaco, Spokesperson At The Capitoline Assembly, President Of The Iv Environment Commission, Movimento 5 stelle, Roma

Andrea Zanoni, Consigliere Regionale, Partito Democratico, Veneto



Alessandra Rojo de la Vega, Former Deputy, Partido Verde Ecologista de México, Ciudad de México

Jesusa Rodriguez, Former Senator, MORENA, Ciudad de México

Judith Tánori, Diputada, MORENA, Hermosillo

Gabriela Cárdenas, Diputada, Movimiento Ciudadano, Zapopan



 Sherbahadur Kunwar, Minister Of Labour, Employment And Social Security, CPN (Unified Socialist), Kathmandu

Political Parties


De Groenen (The Greens)

Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals)




Ellinoor Jorna, MP, Partij voor de Dieren, Amsterdam




Ayla Lokhorst, Councillor, Partij voor de Dieren, Almere, Almere

Matthijs Pontier, Councilor, PiratenPartij, Amsterdam

Robert Jan Jonker, Councilor, D66, Apeldoorn

Maaike Moulijn, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Apeldoorn

Eke Havekes, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Apeldoorn

Muriël Simonis, Councilor, GroenLinks, Arnhem

Leo de Groot, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Arnhem

Gerard Brinkman, Councilor, GroenLinks, Castricum

Myra van der Velde, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Culemborg

Anno Fekkes, Councilor, D66, Den Haag

Hanneke Schmeets, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Den Haag

George Ongkiehong, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Den Haag

Robert Barker, Group Chairperson, Partij voor de Dieren, Den Haag

Rosita Moor, Support Council Member, GroenLinks, Den Haag

Robin Smit, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Den Haag

Bart Habraken, Councilor, GroenLinks, Eindhoven

Henk Huttinga, Councilor, ChristenUnie, Emmen

Linda Wijnalda, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Garmerwolde

André Alting, Gemeenteraadslid, Partij voor de Dieren-GroenLinks, Goes

Andrea Poelstra-Bos, Councilor, D66, Groningen

Wesley Pechler, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Inge-Astrid van Dijk, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Marije Visser, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Manon van der Meulen, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Wynanda van de Land, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Marrit Nijdam, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Janette Bosma, Municipal Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Groningen

Bart Woortman, Councilor, VVD, Haaksbergen

Janneke Moedt, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Haarlem

Jacqueline van den Broek, Frac­tie­voor­zitter, Partij voor de Dieren, Haarlem

Ron Dreijer, Raadslid, CDA Haarlem, Haarlem

Susan van Erp, Group Chairperson, GroenLinks, Houten

Petra Vlutters, Gemeenteraadslid, GroenLinks, Leeuwarden

Malcolm Jones, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Leiden

Menno Manheim, Councilor, SP, Lelystad

Jules Ortjens, Councilor, Volt, Maastricht

Arlette Dewnarain, Councilor, GroenLinks, Midden-Groningen

Arlette Dewnarain, GroenLinks, Midden-Groningen

Paul van Gent, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Nijmegen

Bart Salemans, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Nijmegen

Erwin Roze, Councilor, GroenLinks, Overbetuwe

Niels van Heteren, D66, Papendrecht

Michantely De Jong, Municipal Councilor, BIJ1, Rotterdam

Sabrina van de Peppel, Raadslid, Partij voor de Dieren, Rotterdam

Christine Teunissen, Gemeenteraadslid, Partij voor de Dieren, s-Gravenhage

Rachel Heijne, Councilor, GroenLinks, Utrecht

René van der Kruk, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Utrecht

Anne Sasbrink, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Utrecht

Fred Dekkers, GroenLinks, Utrecht

Paul Blom, Councilor, Partij voor de Dieren, Utrechtse Heuvelrug

Goof lindijer, Secretary, GroenLinks, Utrechtse Heuvelrug

Benjamin Hofland, Councilor, D66, Westland

Duncan Plomp, Councilor, GroenLinks, Westland

Jonathan van Der Sluis, Councilor, GL, Zaanstad

Kees de Graaf, Councilor, Partij van de Arbeid, Zuidlaren

Serena Rodenburg, Councilor, SP, Zuidplas




Joe Davies, Regional Councillor, Labour, Christchurch




Hanne Feragen, Chairperson, The Green Party, Trøndelag county council



Walkiria Chandler D’Orcy, Deputy Of The Republic Of Panama



Jhay Gaspar, City Youth Development Officer, Ormoc

Political Parties


Partia Zieloni – The Polish Green Party

Young Left




Tomasz Aniśko, MP, Member of the Sejm, Green Party

Urszula Zielińska, MP, Member of the Sejm, Green Party




Filip Pelc, Vice-chairman, Białołęka District

Łukasz Bejm, Radny, Klub: Koalicja Obywatelska, Gdańsk

Henryk Kania, Radny, Klub Radnych Wspólny Poznań, Poznań

Marta Mazurek, Radna, Klub Radnych Koalicji Obywatelskiej, Poznań

Wanda Majewska, Councillor, Partia Zieloni, Warsaw

Małgorzata Tracz, Member of the Sejm, Co-Leader, Partia Zieloni, Wrocław

Małgorzata Kellner, Radna, KW Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, Wrocław



Filip Pelc, Vice-chairman, Białołęka District

Łukasz Bejm, Radny, Klub: Koalicja Obywatelska, Gdańsk

Wanda Majewska, Councillor, Partia Zieloni, Warsaw

Małgorzata Tracz, Member of the Sejm, Co-Leader, Partia Zieloni, Wrocław

Tomasz Aniśko, MP, Member of the Sejm, Green Party

Urszula Zielińska, MP, Member of the Sejm, Green Party



Alan Winde, Premier of the Western Cape, Democratic Alliance, Cape Town



Alberto Garzón, Minister of Consumer Affairs of Spain, United Left, Logroño



Therese Ericsson, Leader, Djurens Parti




Özlem Teke, Co-Spokeperson, Yeşiller Party, Istanbul

Besriye Tekgür, Provincial Chair, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), İzmir

Political Groups


Central and Outer Leeds Green Party

Darlington Green Party

Left Unity

Mid Sussex, Crawley & Horsham Green Party

Newcastle Green Party

Olton Lib Dems

Salford Green Party

Salford Liberal Democrats

South Tyneside Green Party

Wyre Forest Green Party


Party Leaders


Zack Polanski, Deputy Leader, Green Party, London Assembly

Carla Denyer, Co-Leader, Green Party, Clifton Down, Bristol City Council

Adrian Ramsay, Co-Leader, Green Party, London Assembly




Allan Dorans, MP, Scottish National Party, Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock

Wera Hobhouse, MP, Liberal Democrat, Bath

Henry Smith, MP, Conservative Party, Crawley

Maggie Chapman, Member of the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Green Party, Edinburgh

Emma Lewell-Buck, MP, Labour Party, South Shields


Members of UK Parliament who signed EDM 434 in support of Plant Based Treaty:

Mohammad Yasin, MP, Labour Party, Bedford

Caroline Lucas, MP, Green Party, Brighton

Dr Rupa Huq, MP, Labour Party, Ealing Central and Acton

Dr Lisa Cameron, MP, Scottish National Party, East Kilbride

Christine Jardine, MP, Liberal Democrat, Edinburgh West

Colum Eastwood, MP, Social Democratic and Labour Party, Foyle

David Linden, MP, Scottish National Party, Glasgow East

Chris Stephens, MP, Scottish National Party, Glasgow South West

John McDonnell, MP, Labour Party, Hayes and Harlington

Apsana Begum, MP, Labour Party, Poplar and Limehouse

Tony Lloyd, MP, Labour Party, Rochdale

Paul Blomfield, MP, Labour Party, Sheffield Central

Navendu Mishra, MP, Labour Party, Stockport

Jim Shannon, MP, Democratic Union Party, Strangford

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, MP, Labour Party, Streatham

Munira Wilson, MP, Liberal Democrat, Twickenham

Rosie Cooper, MP, Labour Party, West Lancashire

Rachael Maskell, MP, Labour Party, York Central




Laurie Carnie, Councillor, Conservative, Mearns, Aberdeenshire Council

James Adams, Councillor, Conservative, Banff and Buchan, Aberdeenshire Council

Gabe Crisp, Councillor, Green Party, St Nicolas Ward, Shoreham-by-Sea, Adur & Worthing Council

Ann Bridges, Vice-Chair, Conservative, Widewater Ward, Lancing, Adur District Council

Jane Smith, Deputy Leader, Animal Welfare Party, Alsager Town Council

Daniel Jerrome, Councillor, Green Party, Altrincham Ward, Altrincham and Hale Council

Dave Wells, Councillor, Green Party, Duffield, Amber Valley Borough Council

Barry McKee, Councillor, Green Party, Bangor West, Ards & North Down Borough Council

Lauren Kendall, Councillor, Green Party, Holywood and Clandeboye, Ards & North Down Borough Council

Rachel Woods, Councillor, Green Party, Holywood and Clandeboye, Ards and North Down Borough Council

Mark Irvine, Councillor, Independent, Lomond North, Argyll & Bute Council

Liz Wright, Councillor, Green Party, Willesborough, Ashford Borough Council

Jessie Carter, Councillor, Green Party, Sudbury, Babergh Council

Andreas Ioannidis, Councillor, Labour Party, Colindale North, Barnet Borough Council

Arun Mummalaneni, Councillor, Conservative, Brookvale and Kings Furlong, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

Aji Peter, Councillor, Conservative, Kempshott & Buckskin, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

John Shephard, Councillor, Labour Party, Worksop South East, Bassetlaw District Council

James Anderson, Councillor, Labour Party, East Retford West, Bassetlaw District Council

Dr Yukteshwar Kumar, Councillor, Conservative, Bathwick, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Saskia Heijltjes, Councillor, Green Party, Lambridge, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Ruth Malloy, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Weston, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Hal MacFie, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Keynsham East, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Ian Halsall, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Oldfield Park, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Shaun Stephenson-McGall, Vice-Chair, Liberal Democrat, Oldfield Park Ward, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Jess David, Councillor, Liberal Democrats, Moorlands, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Lucy Bywater, Councillor, Green Party, Castle Ward, Bedford Borough Council

Paul Edmonds, Councillor, Green Party, Castle and Newnham, Bedford Council

Christine Catterall, Councillor, Conservative, Bexleyheath and Crayford, Bexley Borough Council

Roger Stead, Councillor, Green Party, Kirby Muxloe, Blaby Council

Roger Stead, Councillor, Green Party, Kirby Muxloe, Blaby Council

Kirsteen Thomson, Councillor, Green Party, Muxloe, Blaby District Council

David Smith, Councillor, Labour Party, Darwen West, Blackburn with Darwen Council

Catherine Tite, Councillor, Labour, Ault Hucknall, Bolsover Council

Richard Silvester, Councillor, Labour Party, Horwich North East, Bolton Council

Simon Bull, Councillor, Green Party, Winton East, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

Sandra Moore, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Canford Heath, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

L-J Evans, Former Councillor, Poole People, Poole Town, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

Emily Harman, Liberal Democrat, Parkstone, Bournemouth, Christchurch And Poole Council

Alasdair Keddie, Councillor, Green Party, Queen’s Park, Bournemouth, Christchurch And Poole Council

Chris Rigby, Councillor, Green Party, Winton East, Bournemouth, Christchurch And Poole Council

Janet Russell, Councillor, Green Party, Craven, Bradford Council

Caroline Whitaker, Councillor, Green Party, Craven Ward, Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Celia Hickson, Councillor, Green Party, Tong Ward, Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Anna Watson, Councillor, Green Party, Fort William and Ardnamurchan, Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Susan Dowling, Councillor, Labour Party, Thetford East, Breckland District Council

Vicky Davies, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood Borough Council

Richard Williams, Councillor, Labour Party, Pencoed and Penprysg, Bridgend County Borough Council

Kerry Pickett, Councillor, Green Party, Preston Park, Brighton & Hove City Council

Ellen McLeay, Councillor, Green Party, West Hill & North Laine, Brighton & Hove City Council

Amy Heley, Councillor, Green Party, Preston Park, Brighton and Hove City Council

Kate Knight, Councillor, Independent, Moulsecoomb & Bevendean, Brighton and Hove City Council

Nick Childs, Councillor, Labour Party, Queen’s Park, Brighton and Hove City Council

Chloë Goldsmith, Councillor, Green Party, Regency, Brighton and Hove City Council

Carla Denyer, Co-Leader, Green Party, Clifton Down, Bristol City Council

Barry Parsons, Councillor, Green Party, Easton Ward, Bristol City Council

Christine Townsend, Councillor, Green Party, Southville, Bristol City Council

David Wilcox, Councillor, Green Party, Lockleaze, Bristol City Council

Ed Plowden, Councillor, Green Party, Windmil Hill, Bristol City Council

Heather Mack, Councillor, Green Party, Lockleaze, Bristol City Council

Katy Grant, Councillor, Green Party, Clifton, Bristol City Council

Martin Fodor, Councillor, Green Party, Redland, Bristol City Council

Mohamed Makawi, Councillor, Green Party, Cotham Ward, Bristol City Council

Tim Wye, Councillor, Green Party, Ashley, Bristol City Council

Tom Hathway, Councillor, Green Party, Clifton Down, Bristol City Council

Amirah Cole, Councillor, Labour Party, Ashley, Bristol City Council

Philippa Hulme, Councillor, Labour Party, Horfield, Bristol City Council

Andrew Varney, Deputy Lord Mayor 2021-2022, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Brislington West, Bristol City Council

Barry Parsons, Councillor, Green Party, Bristol City Council

Christine Townsend, Councillor, Green Party, Bristol City Council

Jude English, Green Party, Ashley, Bristol City Council

Lorraine Francis, Green Party, Eastville, Bristol City Council

Emma Edwards, Leader of the Green Group, Green Party, Bishopston and Ashley Down, Bristol City Council

Eleanor Laming, Councillor, Green Party, Brundall Ward, Broadland District Council

Sunil Gupta, Councillor, Conservative, Bromley Common & Holwood, Bromley Borough Council

Ewan Jones, Mayor, Green Party, Bruton Town Council

Paul Cropper, Former Councillor, Conservative, Radcliffe North and Ainsworth, Bury Borough Council

Martin Hey, Councillor, Green Party, Northowram, Shelf, Claremount and Shibden, Calderdale Council

Naomi Bennett, Councillor, Green Party, Abbey, Cambridge City Council

Hannah Copley, Councillor, Green Party, Abbey, Cambridge City Council

Cameron Holloway, Councillor, Labour Party, Newnham, Cambridge City Council

Jocelynne Scutt, Councillor, Labour Party, West Chesterton, Cambridge City Council

Russ McPherson, Councillor, Labour Party, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge City Council

Alex Collis, Deputy Leader, Labour Party, King’s Hedges, Cambridge City Council

Matthew Howard, Councillor, Green Party, Abbey ward, Cambridge City Council

Julian Fulbrook, Councillor, Labour Party, Holborn and Covent Garden, Camden Borough Council

Tom Simon, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Belsize, Camden Borough Council

Nina De Ayala Parker, Councillor, Labour, South Hampstead, Camden Borough Council

Johnny McMahon, Councillor, Conservative, Cannock East Ward, Cannock Chase Council

Jo Elson, Councillor, Green Party, Rawnsley Ward, Cannock Chase Council

Steven Wheeler, Councillor, Green Party, Gorrell Ward, Whitstable, Canterbury Council

Clare Turnbull, Leader of the Green Party, Green Party, Gorrell, Canterbury Council

Susan Elsmore, Councillor, Welsh Labour, Canton, Cardiff Council

Jamie Green, Councillor, Welsh Labour, Whitchurch and Tongwynlais, Cardiff Council

Bethan Proctor, Councillor, Welsh Labour, Llanishen, Cardiff Council

Sarah Merry, Deputy Leader & Cabinet Member for Education, Welsh Labour, Cathays, Cardiff Council

Liz Childs, Councillor, Independent, Barton-le-Clay and Silsoe, Central Bedfordshire Council

Alun Williams, Councillor, Plaid Cymru, Aberystwyth Morfa a Glais, Ceredigion County Council

Emma Ward, Councillor, Labour Party, Dishley & Hathern, Charnwood Borough Council

Geoff Lawrence, Councillor, Green Party, Sileby & Seagrave, Charnwood Council

Neil Gulliver, Councillor, Conservative, Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park,, Chelmsford City Council

Keith Bentley, Councillor, Independent, South Woodham – Elmwood and Woodville, Chelmsford City Council

Linda Mascot, Deputy Mayor, Liberal Democrat, Goat Hall Ward, Chelmsford City Council

Tabi Joy, Councillor, Green Party, St Pauls, Cheltenham Borough Council

Paul Baker, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Charlton Park, Cheltenham Borough Council

Richard Pineger, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, St. Marks, Cheltenham Borough Council

Wendy Flynn, Councillor, Green Party, Hesters Way, Cheltenham Borough Council

Ian Middleton, Councillor, Green Party, Oxdshire, Cherwell District Council

Mark Cherry, Councillor, Labour Party, Banbury Ruscote, Cherwell District Council

Steven Hogben, Councillor, Labour Party, Crewe South, Cheshire East Council

Elton Watson, Councillor, Conservative, Davenham, Moulton & Kingsmead Ward, Cheshire West & Chester Council

Nicole Meardon, Councillor, Labour Party, Sutton Villages, Cheshire West & Chester Council

Chris Copeman, Councillor, Green Party, Helsby, Cheshire West & Chester Council

Sarah Sharp, Councillor, Green Party, Chichester South, Chichester City Council

Shiva Knight, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, North Ward, Chichester City Council

Dave Jones, Councillor, Labour Party, Glyn y Marl Ward, Conwy County Borough Council

Tamsyn Widdon, Councillor, Green Party, Penryn Ward, Cornwall Council

Loic Rich, Councillor, Independent, Tregolls Ward, Cornwall Council

Richard Morgan, Councillor, Conservative, Grumbolds Ash with Avening, Cotswold District Council

Asha Masih, Councillor, Conservative, Westwood Ward, Coventry City Council

Jayne Innes, Councillor, Labour Party, Whoberley Ward, Coventry City Council

Tina Belben, Councillor, Conservative, Pound Hill North & Forge Wood, Crawley Borough Council

Smita Raja, Councillor, Labour Party, Northgate & West Green, Crawley Borough Council

Sandra Buck, Councillor, Labour Party, Ifield, Crawley Borough Council

Ria Patel, Councillor, Green Party, Fairfield, Croydon Borough Council

Leila Ben-Hassel, Councillor, Labour Party, Norbury And Pollards Hill, Croydon Council, London

Sammy Barry-Mears, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Dacorum Borough Council

Richard Lawley, Councillor, Green Party, Harrowgate Hill, Darlington Borough Council

Roz Henderson, Councillor, Green Party, Harrowgate Hill, Darlington Borough Council

Kate Mammolotti, Councillor, Green Party, Hummersknott, Darlington Borough Council

Jon Harland, Councillor, Green Party, Prestatyn Central, Denbighshire Council

Ellie Chard, Councillor, Labour, Rhyl South, Denbighshire Council

Andrew Statham, Councillor, Conservative, Darley Dale, Derbyshire Dales District Council

Clare Gamble, Councillor, Green / Independent, Litton and Longstone, Derbyshire Dales District Council

Matthew Buckler, Councillor, Green Party, Stanton, Matlock, Derbyshire Dales District Council

Peter O’Brien, Councillor, Independent, Hathersage and Eyam, Derbyshire Dales District Council

Matt Buckler, Councillor, Green Party, Bonsall & Winster, Derbyshire Dales District Council

Janet Bradford, Councillor, Independent, Newton Abbot South, Devon County Council

Julian Brazil, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Kingsbridge, Devon County Council

Rachael Blake, Councillor, Labour Party, Rossington and Bawtry, Doncaster Borough Council

Dave Shaw, Councillor, Labour Party, Town Ward, Doncaster Borough Council

Dave Bolwell, Councillor, Conservative, Bridport, Dorset Council

Brian Heatley, Councillor, Green Party, Rodwell And Wyke, Dorset Council

Jon Orrell, Councillor, Green Party, Melcombe Regis, Dorset Council

Clare Sutton, Councillor, Green Party, Rodwell and Wyke, Dorset Council

David Taylor, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Charminster St Marys, Dorset Council

Pamela Brivio, Councillor, Labour Party, Tower Hamlets, Dover District Council

Jonathan Elmer, Councillor, Green Party, Brandon, Durham County Council

Miriam Rice, Councillor, Labour Party, Northolt Mandeville Ward, Ealing Borough Council

Dee Martin, Councillor, Labour Party, Northolt West End, Ealing Borough Council

Andrew Steed, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Southfield Ward, Ealing Borough Council

Connie Hersch, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Ealing Common, Ealing Borough Council

John McGhee, Councillor, Labour Party, Annick, East Ayrshire Council

Olly Davey, Councillor, Green Party, Exmouth Town, East Devon District Council

Tony Woodward, Councillor, Green Party, Exmouth Halsdon, East Devon District Council

Denise Bickley, Councillor, Independent, Sidmouth Town, East Devon District Council

James Hogan, Councillor, Green Party, Horndean Downs, East Hampshire District Council

David Podger, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Petersfield St Peter’s, East Hampshire District Council

Ben Crystall, Councillor, Green Party, Hertford Bengeo, East Hertfordshire District

Alex Daar, Executive Member for Communities, Green Party, Hertford Bengeo, East Herts Council

Nick Cox, Councillor, Green Party, Ware Trinity, East Herts Council

Shona McIntosh, Councillor, Green Party, Musselburgh, East Lothian Council

Rachel Smith-Lyte, Councillor, Green Party, Melton Ward, East Suffolk Council

Sally Noble, Councillor, Green Party, Wickham Market, East Suffolk Council

Beth Keys-Holloway, Councillor, Green Party, Halesworth, East Suffolk Council

Stephen Molyneux, Councillor, Green Party, Woodbridge, East Suffolk Council

Wendy Maples, Councillor, Green Party, Lewes, East Sussex County Council

Graham Simpkins, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Brough, Eden District Council

Ben Parker, Councillor, Green Party, Ward 10 – Morningside, Edinburgh City Council

Alys Mumford, Councillor, Green Party, Ward 17 – Portobello / Craigmillar, Edinburgh City Council

Claire Miller, Councillor, Scottish Green Party, Ward 11 – City Centre, Edinburgh City Council

Steve Burgess, Councillor, Scottish Green Party, Ward 15 – Southside / Newington, Edinburgh City Council

Scott Arthur, Councillor, Scottish Labour Party, Colinton / Fairmilehead, Edinburgh City Council

Simon Heap, Councillor, Green Party, Buckhurst Hill East, Epping Forest District Council

Diana Moore, Councillor, Green Party, St David’s Ward, Exeter City Council

Amy Sparling, Councillor, Green Party, St David’s Ward, Exeter City Council

Carol Bennett, Councillor, Green Party, Heavitree Ward, Exeter City Council

Tess Read, Councillor, Green Party, St David’s, Exeter City Council

Jemima Moore, Councillor, Independent, Newtown & St Leonards, Exeter City Council

Joshua Ellis-Jones, Councillor, Labour Party, Topsham, Exeter City Council

Louise Venables, Councillor, Green Party, Town Ward, Exmouth Town Council

Chrissie Bainbridge, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Portchester East, Fareham Borough Council

Al Clark, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, St Andrews, Fife Council

Sarah Neal, Councillor, Scottish National Party, Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay, Fife Council

Arnold Woolley Dip.IM, MCMI, Councillor, Independent, Buckley: Bistre East, Flintshire County Council

David Healey, Councillor, Labour Party, Caergwrle Ward, Flintshire County Council

David Evans, Councillor, Labour Party, Shotton Ward, Flintshire County Council

Sam Swash, Councillor, Labour Party, Mancot, Flintshire County Council

Dan Rose, Councillor, Labour Party, Buckley: Bistre West, Flintshire County Council

Rebecca Shoob, Councillor, Conservative, Cheriton Ward, Folkestone & Hythe District Council

Lesley Whybrow, Councillor, Green Party, Hythe, Folkestone & Hythe District Council

James Butcher, Councillor, Green Party, North Downs East, Folkestone and Hythe Council

Johnathan Lane, Councillor, Green Party, Tidenham, Forest of Dean Council

Mark Topping, Leader of the council, Green Party, Lydney West & Aylburton, Forest of Dean Council

Jackie Fraser, Councillor, Green Party, Mitcheldean, Ruardean & Drybrook, Forest of Dean Council

Chris McFarling, Councillor, Green Party, Sedbury, Forest of Dean District

Beki Hoyland, Councillor, Green Party, Blakeney and Bream, Forest of Dean District

Sid Phelps, Councillor, Green Party, Forest of Dean District

Vincent Langdon-Morris, Councillor, Green Party, Framlingham Town Council

Martha Wardrop, Councillor, Green Party, Hillhead, Glasgow City Council

Jon Molyneux, Councillor, Green Party, Pollokshields, Glasgow City Council

Bailie Sharon Greer, Councillor, Scottish Labour Party, North East, Glasgow City Council

Bailie Paul McCabe, Councillor, Scottish National Party, Linn, Glasgow City Council

Lana Reid-McConnell, Councillor, Green Party, Glasgow City Council

Ian Mutch, Councillor, Green Party, St Benedict’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Lokabandhu, Councillor, Green Party, St Edmund’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Mike Smyth, Councillor, Green Party, St Mary’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Indra Donfrancesco, Councillor, Green Party, St Benedict’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Serena Roney-Dougal, Councillor, Green Party, St Edmund’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Jon Cousins, Mayor, Green Party, St Edmund’s Ward, Glastonbury Town Council

Cate Cody, Councillor, Green Party, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire County Council

Chris McFarling, Councillor, Green Party, Forest of Dean: Sedbury, Gloucestershire County Council

Bob Maynard, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Bridgemary, Gosport Borough Council

Richard Earle, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Elson, Gosport Borough Council

Lade Hephzibah Olugbemi, Councillor, Labour Party, West Thamesmead, Greenwich Borough Council

Gary Dillon, Councillor, Labour Party, Charlton Village and Riverside, Greenwich Borough Council

Angela Goodwin, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Friary & St Nicolas, Guildford Borough Council

Diana Jones, Councillor, Residents for Guildford and Villages, Tillingbourne, Guildford Borough Council

Alastair Binnie-Lubbock, Councillor, Green Party, Hackney Downs Ward, Hackney Borough Council

Zoe Garbett, Councillor, Green Party, Dalston Ward, Hackney Borough Council

Alan Dowden, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Baddesley, Hampshire County Council

Mary Mason, Councillor, Labour Party, Bounds Green, Haringey Borough Council

Eldridge Culverwell, Councillor, Labour Party, Stroud Green, Haringey Borough Council

Cathy Brennan, Councillor, Labour Party, Muswell Hill, Haringey Borough Council

Alexandra Worrell, Councillor, Labour Party, Stroud Green, Haringey Borough Council

Emily Arkell, Councillor, Labour Party, Bounds Green, Haringey Borough Council

Mike Hakata, Deputy Leader, Labour Party, Hermitage & Gardens, Haringey Borough Council

Kay Morrison, Councillor, Labour Party, Bush Fair, Harlow Council

Sabina Arthur, Councillor, Labour Party, Braybrook, Hastings Borough Council

Amanda Jobson, Councillor, Green Party, Gensing, Hastings Borough Council

Grainne Rason, Councillor, Green Party, Emsworth, Havant Borough Council

Stephanie Inglesfield, Mayor, Liberal Democrat, Haywards Heath

Richard Nicholson, Councillor, Green Party, Heath, Haywards Heath Council

Jeremy Milln, Councillor, Green Party, Hereford (Central), Herefordshire Council

Toni Fagan, Councillor, Green Party, Birch, Herefordshire Council

Louis Stark, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Ross West, Herefordshire Council

Joanna Collins, Councillor, Green Party, Hope Valley, High Peak Borough Council

Ian Huddlestone, Councillor, Labour Party, New Mills East, High Peak Borough Council

Chris Ballance, Councillor, Green Party, Aird and Loch Ness, Highland Council

Kate Willis, Councillor, Green Party, Highland Council

Andy Furlong, Councillor, Labour Party, Markfield, Stanton & Field Head, Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council

Bob Platt, Councillor, Green Party, Steyning And Ashurst Ward, Horsham District Council

Michael Croker, Councillor, Green Party, Bramber, Upper Beeding and Woodmancote, Horsham District Council

Joan Grech, Councillor, Green Party, Storrington and Washington, Horsham District Council

Jenni Hawkins, Councillor, Green Party, Hythe West, Hythe Town Council

Claire Critchison, Councillor, Alliance Group, Chale Niton and Shorwell, Isle of Wight Council

Benali Hamdache, Councillor, Green Party, Highbury, Islington Borough Council

Dave Poyser, Councillor, Labour Party, Hillrise Ward, Islington Borough Council

Ruth Hayes, Councillor, Labour Party, Clerkenwell, Islington Borough Council

Joseph Croft, Councillor, Labour Party, St Mary’s and St James’, Islington Borough Council

Sheila Chapman, Councillor, Labour Party, Junction Ward, Islington Borough Council

Fin Craig, Councillor, Labour, Arsenal, Islington Borough Council

Dahabo Isse, Councillor, Labour Party, Colville, Kensington & Chelsea Borough Council

Derek Crow-Brown, Councillor, Conservative, Birchington & Rura, Kent County Council

Mel Dawkins, Councillor, Labour Party, Canterbury City South, Kent County Council

Josie Ratcliffe, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, East Downham Ward, King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Council

Jackie Davies, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Berrylands Ward, Kingston Upon Thames Borough Council

Sue Ansari, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Hook and Chessington North Ward, Kingston Upon Thames Borough Council

Patrick Hall, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Tudor Ward, Kingston Upon Thames Borough Council

Susan Lee-Richards, Councillor, Green Party, Newsome, Kirklees Council

Manisha Roma Kaushik, Councillor, Labour Party, Kirklees Council

Graham Turner, Councillor, Labour Party, Kirklees Council

Cath Golding, Councillor, Green Party, St. Gabriel’s, Knowsley Council

Isla Wrathmell, Councillor, Labour Party, Vauxhall, Lambeth Borough Council

Mary Donnelly, Councillor, Scottish National Party, Hamilton West & Earnock, Lanarkshire

Gina Dowding, Councillor, Green Party, Marsh Ward, Lancashire County

Frank De Molfetta, Councillor, Labour Party, Preston Central East, Lancashire County

Tim Hamilton-Cox, Councillor, Green Party, Bulk Ward, Lancaster City

Tim Dant, Councillor, Green Party, Scotforth West Ward, Lancaster City

Joanna Young, Councillor, Green Party, Scotforth West Ward, Lancaster City

Dave Brookes, Councillor, Green Party, Castle Ward, Lancaster City

Faye Penny, Councillor, Eco-socialist Independents, John O’Gaunt Ward, Lancaster City Council

Alistair Sinclair, Councillor, Eco-socialist Independents, John O’Gaunt Ward, Lancaster City Council

Abi Mills, Councillor, Green Party, Scotforth West Ward, Lancaster City Council

Jack Lenox, Green Party, Bulk Ward, Lancaster City Council

Paul Tynan, Green Party, Ellel Ward, Lancaster City Council

Sarah McGowan, Councillor, Green Party, Halton-with-Aughton and Kellet Ward, Lancaster City Council

Ann Forsaith, Councillor, Green Party, Farnley and Wortley, Leeds City Council

Lou Cunningham, Councillor, Green Party, Armley, Leeds City Council

Katie Dye, Councillor, Labour Party, Killingbeck and Seacroft, Leeds City Council

Kevin Ritchie, Councillor, Labour Party, Bramley and Stanningley, Leeds City Council

Ed Carlisle, Councillor, Green Party, Hunslet and Riverside, Leeds City Council

David Blackburn, Leader of the Green Group, Green Party, Farnley and Wortley, Leeds City Council

Penny Stables, Councillor, Green Party, Wetherby, Leeds City Council

Hemant Rae Bhatia, Councillor, Labour Party, Beaumont Leys, Leicester City Council

Geoff Whittle, Councillor, Labour Party, Knighton Ward, Leicester City Council

Patrick Kitterick, Councillor, Labour Party, Castle Ward, Leicester City Council

Melissa March, Councillor, Labour Party, Knighton, Leicester City Council

Max Hunt, Councillor, Labour Party, Charnwood, Leicestershire County Council

Betty Newton, Councillor, Labour Party, Charnwood, Leicestershire County Council

Ezra Cohen, Green Party, Seaford East, Lewes Council

Joa Saunders, Councillor, Green Party, Chailey Barcombe and Hamsey, Lewes Council

Graham Clews, Councillor, Green Party, Lewes Priory, Lewes Council

Becky Francomb, Councillor, Green Party, Seaford East, Lewes Council

Billy Harding, Councillor, Labour Party, Forest Hill, Lewisham Borough Council

Debbie Armiger, Councillor, Labour Party, Park, Lincoln City Council

Jan Whitbourn, Conservative, Spalding Wygate, Lincolnshire

Thomas Beckett, Councillor, DUP, Killultagh, Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council

Thomas Crone, Councillor, Green Party, St Michaels, Liverpool City Council

Nathalie Nicholas, Councillor, Labour Party, Picton Ward, Liverpool City Council

Alan Tormey, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Childwall Ward, Liverpool City Council

Richard Kemp CBE, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Wavertree, Liverpool City Council

Martyn Madeley, Councillor, Green Party, Greenbank Park, Liverpool Council

Rab McCraken, Councillor, Labour Party, Llantwit Fardre, Llantwit Fardre Community Council

Adrian Ramsay, Co-Leader, Green Party, London Assembly

Caroline Russell, Councillor, City Hall Greens, London Assembly

Siân Berry, Councillor, Green Party, Highgate Ward, London Assembly

Leonie Cooper, Councillor, Labour Party, London Assembly

Andrew Boff, Deputy Chair, GLA Conservative, London Assembly

Zack Polanski, Deputy Leader, Green Party, London Assembly

Alison Kelly, Councillor, Labour Party, Haverstock Ward, London Borough of Camden Council

Sue Anderson, Councillor, Labour Party, Greenhill Ward, London Borough of Harrow Council

Andrew Malcolm, Councillor, Labour Party, High Town Ward, Luton Borough Council

Robert Roche, Councillor, Labour Party, Limbury, Luton Borough Council

Jackie Dale, Councillor, Green Party, Pillowell, Lydney

Patrik Garten, Councillor, Conservative, North Downs, Maidstone Borough Council

Stuart Jeffery, Councillor, Green Party, Bridge Ward, Maidstone Borough Council

Fran Victory, Councillor, Green Party, Malvern Town, Malvern Hills Council

Natalie McVey, Councillor, Green Party, Malvern Trinity, Malvern Hills District Council

Rob Nunney, Councillor, Green Party, Woodhouse Park, Manchester City Council

Jill Lovecy, Councillor, Labour Party, Rusholme, Manchester City Council

Linda Foley, Councillor, Labour Party, Didsbury East, Manchester City Council

Debbie Hilal, Councillor, Labour Party, Didsbury West, Manchester City Council

Tom Ronan, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Wells St. Thomas, Mendip District Council

Lois Rogers, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Wells Central Ward, Mendip District Council

Lindsay MacDougall, Councillor, Green Party, St Marys, Glastonbury Town Council and, Mendip District Council & Glastonbury Town Council

Jenifer Gould, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Cannon Hill, Merton Borough Council

Tony Reiss, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Wimbledon Park, Merton Borough Council

John Oliver, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, West Barnes, Merton Borough Council

Linda Kirby, Councillor, Labour Party, Graveney, Merton London Borough Council

Natalia Letch, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Upper Yeo & Taw, Mid Devon Council

Sue Robinson, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Cullompton Padbrook, Mid Devon Council

Helen Tuffin, Councillor, Green Party, Mid Devon Council

Mark Jenkins, Councillor, Green Party, Sandford and Creedy, Mid Devon Council

Austin Davies, Councillor, Green Party, Thurston, Mid Suffolk Council

Richard Winch, Councillor, Green Party, Walsham-le-Willows, Mid Suffolk Council

James Patchett, Councillor, Green Party, Stow Thorney, Mid Suffolk Council

Ollie Walters, Councillor, Green Party, St Peter’s, Mid Suffolk Council

Jen Overett, Councillor, Green Party, Elmswell & Woolpit, Mid Suffolk Council

Tim Weller, Councillor, Green Party, Palgrave, Mid Suffolk Council

Barry Humphreys, Councillor, Conservative, Chilton, Mid Suffolk District Council

Dr Daniel Pratt, Councillor, Green Party, Battisford & Ringshall, Mid Suffolk District Council

Anne Eves, Councillor, Green Party, Burgess Hill – Leylands, Mid Sussex District Council

Jenny Edwards, Councillor, Green Party, Ardingly & Balcombe, Mid Sussex District Council

Margot Russell, Councillor, Scottish Labour Party, Dalkeith, Midlothian Council

Douglas Bowen, Councillor, Scottish National Party, Midlothian South, Midlothian Council

Jennifer Wilson-Marklew, Councillor, Labour Party, Stony Stratford Ward, Milton Keynes Council

Pauline Wallis, Councillor, Labour Party, Central Milton Keynes Ward, Milton Keynes Council

Lisa Scott, Councillor, Green Party, Charlwood, Mole Valley District Council

Ian Chandler, Councillor, Green Party, Llantilio Crossenny, Monmouthshire Council

Lara Ellis, Councillor, Labour Party, Heaton Ward, Newcastle upon Tyne City

Jane Byrne, Councillor, Labour Party, North East Combined Authority, Newcastle Upon Tyne City Council

Stephanie Talbot, Councillor, Labour Party, Knutton, Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council

Nate Higgins, Councillor, Green Party, Stratford Olympic Park, Newham Borough Council

Lewis Godfrey, Councillor, Labour Party, Green Street West, Newham Borough Council

James Beckles, Councillor, Labour Party, Newham Borough Council

Carolyn Corben, Councillor, Labour Party, Maryland, Newham Borough Council

Rachel Tripp, Councillor, Labour Party, Forest Gate North, Newham Borough Council

Ben Price, Councillor, Green Party, Thorpe Hamlet, Norfolk County Council

Jamie Osborn, Councillor, Green Party, Mancroft City and County, Norfolk County Council

Paul Neale, Councillor, Green Party, Norfolk County Council

Mark Haworth-Booth, Councillor, Green Party, Landkey Ward, North Devon Council

Ian Albert, Councillor, Labour Party, Hitchin Bearton, North Hertfordshire District Council

Carol Stanier, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Royston Heath, North Hertfordshire District Council

Georgie Perry-Warnes, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Holt Ward, North Norfolk District Council

Emily Fedorowycz, Councillor, Green Party, Kettering, North Northamptonshire Council

Dez Dell, Councillor, Green Party, Clover Hill, North Northamptonshire Council

William Colquhoun, Councillor, Labour Party, Lloyds, North Northamptonshire Council

Karin Haverson, Vice-Chair, Green Party, Banwell and Winscombe, North Somerset Council

Joe Tristram, Councillor, Green Party, Banwell and Winscombe, North Somerset Council

David Noland, Councillor, Green Party, Skipton North & Embsay-with-Eastby division, North Yorkshire Council

Nick Morphet, Councillor, Green Party, Humshaugh, Northumberland County Council

Lesley Grahame, Councillor, Green Party, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich City Council

Lucy Galvin, Councillor, Green Party, Nelson Ward, Norwich City Council

Alex Catt, Councillor, Green Party, Sewell, Norwich City Council

Julie Young, Councillor, Green Party, Nelson, Norwich City Council

Gary Champion, Councillor, Green Party, Sewell, Norwich City Council

Julie Brociek-Coulton, Councillor, Labour Party, Sewell Division, Norwich City Council

Shuguftah Quddoos, Councillor, Labour Party, Berridge Ward, Nottingham City Council

Dr Nayab Patel, Councillor, Labour Party, Sherwood Ward, Nottingham City Council

Penny Gowland, Councillor, Labour Party, West Bridgford North, Nottinghamshire County Council

Elaine Garry, Councillor, Labour Party, Failsworth West, Oldham Council

Alistair Morris, Councillor, Green Party, Marston, Oxford City Council

Lois Muddiman, Councillor, Green Party, Osney & St Thomas, Oxford City Council

Rosie Rawle, Councillor, Green Party, Donnington, Oxford City Council

Paula Dunne, Councillor, Labour Party, Cowley, Oxford City Council

Lucy Pegg, Deputy Leader of the Green Group, Green Party, Donnington, Oxford City Council

Vanessa Thomas, Councillor, Independent, Carew and Jeffreyston, Pembrokeshire County Council

Maureen Bowen, Councillor, Labour Party, Pembroke Dock: Bush, Pembrokeshire County Council

Marco Cereste, Councillor, Conservative, Hampton Vale, Peterborough City Council

Simon Barkham, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Paston and Walton, Peterborough City Council

Ian Poyser, Councillor, Green Party, Plympton Chaddlewood, Plymouth City Council

Lauren McLay, Councillor, Green Party, Plympton Chaddlewood, Plymouth Council

Becky Wing, Councillor, Green Party, Central Harbour, Ramsgate Council

Doug Cresswell, Councillor, Green Party, Katesgrove, Reading Borough Council

Dave McElroy, Councillor, Green Party, Redlands, Reading Borough Council

Josh Williams, Councillor, Green Party, Park Ward, Reading Borough Council

Louise Keane, Councillor, Green Party, Katesgrove, Reading Borough Council

James Moore, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Tilehurst, Reading Borough Council

Jo Blackman, Councillor, Labour Party, Wanstead Village, Redbridge Borough Council

Anthony Lovell, Councillor, Conservative, Winyates Ward, Redditch Borough Council

Shasha Khan, Councillor, Green Party, Hooley, Merstham and Netherne, Reigate and Banstead Council

Sue Sinden, Councillor, Green Party, Redhill East, Reigate and Banstead Council

Dan Owen-Jones, Councillor, Labour Party, Tonyrefail East, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council

Gaynor Lesley Warren, Councillor, Labour Party, Church Village, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council

Andrée Frieze, Councillor, Green Party, Ham, Petersham & Richmond Riverside, Richmond Upon Thames Borough Council

Richard Warren, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, North Richmond Ward, Richmond Upon Thames Borough Council

Bev Place, Councillor, Labour Party, North Heywood, Rochdale Borough Council

Billy Sheerin, Councillor, Labour Party, Castleton, Rochdale Council

Jo McPherson, Councillor, Conservative, Rochford District Council

Polly Gray, Councillor, Green Party, Bexhill Old Town & Worsham, Rother District Council

Ashan Jeeawon, Councillor, Independent, Bexhill St Stephens, Rother District Council

Sam Coleman, Councillor, Labour Party, Bexhill Sidley, Rother District Council

Marnie Havard, Councillor, Labour Party, Wales Ward, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Jerry Roodhouse, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Paddox, Rugby Borough Council

Noreen New, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Paddox, Rugby Borough Council

Steve Ringham, Councillor, Green Party, Addlestone North, Runnymede Borough Council

Richard Mallender, Councillor, Green Party, Lady Bay, Rushcliffe Borough Council

Sue Mallender, Councillor, Green Party, Lady Bay, Rushcliffe Borough Council

Hannah Robinson-Smith, Councillor, Labour Party, Cadishead And Lower Irlam, Salford City Council

Kate Lewis, Councillor, Labour Party, Little Hulton, Salford City Council

James (Jim) King, Councillor, Labour Party, Broughton, Salford City Council

Jenny Chidley, Councillor, Labour Party, Wednesbury South, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Theresa Norton, Councillor, Labour Party, Eastfield Ward, Scarborough Borough Council

Graham Godwin-Pearson, Councillor, Conservative, Axevale Ward, Sedgemoor District Council

Carol Richards, Councillor, Labour Party, Harington, Sefton Council

Paul Cummins, Councillor, Labour Party, Church Ward, Sefton Council

Laura Manston, Councillor, Green Party, Ash and New Ash, Sevenoaks Council

Shani Manamperi, Councillor, Green Party, Ash and New Ash, Sevenoaks Council

Toby Mallinson, Councillor, Green Party, Hillsborough, Sheffield

Bernard Little, Councillor, Green Party, Walkley Ward, Sheffield City Council

Peter Garbutt, Councillor, Green Party, Nether Edge and Sharrow, Sheffield City Council

Ruth Mersereau, Councillor, Green Party, City Ward, Sheffield City Council

Alexi Dimond, Councillor, Green Party, Gleadless Valley, Sheffield City Council

Martin Phipps, Councillor, Green Party, City Ward, Sheffield City Council

Richard Williams, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Stannington, Sheffield City Council

Martin Smith, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Dore and Totley, Sheffield City Council

Henry Nottage, Green Party, Hillsborough, Sheffield City Council

Paul Turpin, Green Party, Gleadless Valley, Sheffield City Council

Bernard Little, Green Party, Walkley, Sheffield City Council

Simon Harris, Councillor, Conservative, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire Council

Dave Poyser, Councillor, Green Party, Radbrook Ward, Shropshire Council

David Vasmer, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Underdale, Shropshire Council

Bernie Davis, Councillor, North Ward, Sidmouth Town Council

Balvinder S. Bains, Councillor, Labour Party, Upton, Slough Borough Council

Karl Macnaughton, Councillor, Green Party, Chelmsley Wood, Solihull City Council

Stephen Rymer, Councillor, Green Party, Chelmsley Wood, Solihull City Council

Shesh Sheshabhatter, Councillor, Green Party, Chelmsley Wood, Solihull City Council

Mark Wilson, Councillor, Green Party, Smith’s Wood, Solihull City Council

Michael Carthew, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Olton, Solihull City Council

Ian Aldridge, Councillor, Independent, Watchet & Williton, Somerset West & Taunton Council

Terry Venner, Councillor, Independent, Minehead North, Somerset West & Taunton Council

Caroline Ellis, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, North Town Ward, Somerset West & Taunton Council

Peter Henderson, Councillor, Scottish National Party, Girvan and South Carrick, South Ayrshire Council

Paul Bearpark, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Milton & Waterbeach, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Michael Bell, Councillor, Labour Party, Staple Hill and Mangotsfield Ward, South Gloucestershire

John Birch, Councillor, Liberal Democrat , South Hams Totnes, South Hams Council

Denise O’Callaghan, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, South Hams Kingsbridge, South Hams District Council

David Hancock, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, South Brent, South Hams District Council

Christopher J T H Brewis, Councillor, Independent, Sutton Bridge, South Holland District Council

Kirsten Robb, Councillor, Green Party, East Kilbride East, South Lanarkshire Council

Sam Casey-Rerhaye, Councillor, Green Party, Sandford and the Wittenhams, South Oxfordshire Council

Tom Loughbrough-Rudd, Councillor, Independent, Lichfield – Burntwood North, South Staffordshire Council

David Herbert, Councillor, Green Party, Cleadon & East Boldon, South Tyneside Council

Sarah McKeown, Councillor, Green Party, Beacon and Bents, South Tyneside Council

Alexander Donaldson, Councillor, Labour Party, Cleadon Park, South Tyneside Council

Doreen Purvis, Councillor, Labour Party, South Tyneside Council

Brian Beggs, Councillor, Conservative, St Lukes Ward, Southend On Sea City Council

Martin Berry, Councillor, Labour Party, St Lukes Ward, Southend On Sea City Council

Maxine Sadza, Councillor, Labour Party, Milton Ward, Southend On Sea City Council

Margaret Borton, Councillor, Labour Party, Victoria Ward, Southend On Sea City Council

Richard Longstaff, Councillor, Green Party, Leigh Ward, Southend On Sea City Council

Richard Leeming, Councillor, Labour Party, Dulwich Village Ward, Southwark Borough Council

Graham Neale, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, St George’s Ward, Southwark Borough Council

Jenny Vinson, Councillor, Breakthrough Party, Staines South, Spelthorne Borough Council

Malcolm Beecher, Leader of the Green Group, Green Party, Staines, Spelthorne Council

Matt Fisher, Deputy Chair, Green Party, Clarence ward, St Albans City & District Council

Juliet Voisey, Councillor, Green Party, St. Peters ward, St Albans City & District Council

Allen Makin, Councillor, Green Party, Bold and Lea, St Helens Borough Council

Paul Hooton, Councillor, Green Party, Haydock, St Helens Borough Council

Glen Richards, Councillor, Green Party, Bold and Lea Green, St Helens Borough Council

Sophie Hughes-Saunier, Councillor, Green Party, St Martin’s, St Martin’s Parish Council

Louise Nixon, Councillor, Labour Party, Stafford Borough Council

Tony Pearce, Councillor, Green Party, Doxey and Castletown, Stafford Borough Council

Tony Pearce, Councillor, Green Party, Doxey and Castletown, Stafford Council

Paul Northcott, Councillor, Conservative, Newcastle Rural, Staffordshire County Council

Charlotte Atkins, Councillor, Labour Party, Staffordshire Moorlands – Leek South, Staffordshire County Council

Gillian Pardesi, Councillor, Labour Party, Staffordshire County Council

Connor Brady, Councillor, Labour Party, Biddulph East, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

Stephen Booth, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Chells Ward, Stevenage Borough Council

James Frizzell, Councillor, Green Party, Reddish South, Stockport Council

Rory Leonard, Councillor, Labour Party, Stepping Hill, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Sue Thorpe, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Bredbury & Woodley, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Kieren Clayton, Councillor, Conservative, Stowmarket Town Council

David Passingham, Councillor, Green Party, Shipston South, Stratford on Avon Council

Gill Cleeve, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Hathaway Ward, Stratford-On-Avon District Council

Manuela Perteghella, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Welford-on-Avon, Stratford-On-Avon District Council

Roger Harding, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Bishopton Ward, Stratford-On-Avon Town Council

David Drew, Councillor and former MP, Labour, Stroud Central, Stroud

Martin Brown, Councillor, Green Party, Bisley, Stroud District Council

Chloe Turner, Councillor, Green Party, Minchinhampton, Stroud District Council

Martin Pearcy, Councillor, Green Party, Coaley and Uley, Stroud District Council

Gary Luff, Councillor, Green Party, Painswick & Upton, Stroud District Council

Keith Patience, Councillor, Labour Party, Harbour and Normanston Ward, Suffolk County Council

Amanda Boote, Councillor, Independent, The Byfleets, Surrey County Council

Will Forster, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Woking South, Surrey County Council

Jonathan Essex, Councillor, Green Party, Redhill East, Surrey County Council

Peter Barnett, Councillor, Green Party, Lightwater, Surrey Heath Borough Council

Andrew Jenner, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Carshalton Central, Sutton Borough Council

Sheila Berry, Deputy Leader, Labour Party, St Helier West, Sutton Borough Council

Terry Conrad Thompson, Councillor, Green Party, East Downs, Swale Borough Council

Chris Evans, Councillor, Green Party, Mayals ward, Swansea City and County Council

Nadine Watts, Councillor, Labour Party, Old Town, Swindon Borough Council

Lee Alan Huntbach, Councillor, Green Party, Ashton Waterloo Ward, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Alistair Dewhirst, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Ipplepen Ward, Teignbridge District Council

Janet Bradford, Councillor, Newton Says No, Newton Abbot, Teignbridge District Council

Brenda Rogers, Councillor, Conservative, Cliffsend and Pegwell, Thanet District Council

Abi Smith, Councillor, Green Party and Independents, Thanet Villages Ward, Thanet District Council

Candy Gregory, Councillor, Independent, Salmestone Ward, Thanet District Council

Ruth Duckworth, Councillor, Labour Party, Dane Valley Ward, Thanet District Council

Heather Keen, Councillor, Labour Party, Cliftonville West Ward, Thanet District Council

Chris Mitchell, Councillor, Green Party, Dickinsons Ward, Three Rivers District Council

Andrew Scarth, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Oxhey Hall and Hayling Ward, Three Rivers District Council

Frani Hoskins, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Vauxhall, Tonbridge and Malling Council

Steve Crisp, Councillor, Green Party, Bourne, Tonbridge and Malling Council

Anna Cope, Councillor, Green Party, Cage Green and Angel, Tonbridge and Malling Council

David Daniels, Councillor, Labour, Torfaen County Borough Council

David Brenton, Councillor, Labour Party, Bideford South, Torridge District Council

John Cummings, Councillor, Totnes Town ward, Totnes Town Council

Daniel Jerrome, Councillor, Green Party, Altrincham, Trafford Borough Council

Geraldine Coggins, Councillor, Green Party, Altrincham Ward, Trafford Borough Council

Rose Thompson, Councillor, Labour Party, Brooklands Ward, Trafford Borough Council

Shirley Procter, Councillor, Labour Party, Davyhulme East Ward, Trafford Council

Jill Axford, Councillor, Labour Party, Davyhulme East Ward, Trafford Council

Akilah Akinola, Councillor, Labour Party, Clifford Ward, Trafford Council

Michael Welton, Deputy Leader, Green Party, Altrincham Ward, Trafford Council

Lindsay Southcombe, Councillor, Green Party, Boscawen & Redannick Ward, Truro City Council

Raymond Moon, Councillor, Labour Party, Paddock Wood (West), Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Ellen Neville, Councillor, Tunbridge Wells Alliance, Hawkhurst & Sandhurst, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Ayub Khan, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Stansted South & Birchanger Ward, Uttlesford District Council

Katherine Foxhall, Councillor, Green Party, Watchfield and Shrivenham, Vale of White Horse Council

Viral Patel, Councillor, Green Party, Watchfield and Shrivenham, Vale of White Horse Council

Cheryl Briggs, Councillor, Green Party, Abingdon Abbey Northcourt, Vale of White Horse Council

Hayleigh Gascoigne, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Blewbury and Harwell, Vale Of White Horse District Council

Paul Barrow, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Ridgeway, Vale Of White Horse District Council

Jack Hemingway, Councillor, Labour Party, Stanley and Outwood, Wakefield City Council

Rhiannon Eglin, Councillor, Labour Party, Leyton, Waltham Forest Borough Council

Kischa Green, Councillor, Labour Party, Cann Hall, Waltham Forest Borough Council

Norman Marshall, Councillor, Labour Party, South Balham Ward, Wandsworth Borough Council

Judi Gasser, Councillor, Labour Party, Wandsworth Borough Council

Jonathan Chilvers, Councillor, Green Party, Leamington Brunswick, Warwickshire County Council

Martin D’Arcy, Councillor, Green Party, Bramley Busbridge and Hascombe, Waverley Borough Council

Nick Palmer, Councillor, Labour Party, Godalming Binscombe, Waverley Borough Council

Christina Coleman, Councillor, Green Party, Danehill and Fletching Ward, Wealden Council

Georgie Robbins, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, St Cuthbert’s Ward, Wells City Council

Pankit Shah, Councillor, Labour Party, Hatfield Central, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

David Marsh, Councillor, Green Party, Newbury Wash Common, West Berkshire Council

Carolyne Culver, Councillor, Green Party, Ridgeway ward, West Berkshire Council

Stephanie Steevenson, Councillor, Liberal Democrats, Thatcham Central, West Berkshire Council

Lynn Daniel, Mayor of West Devon, Green Party, West Devon South Tawton, West Devon Council

Adam Yates, Councillor, Labour Party, Knowsley, West Lancashire Borough Council

Bob Purser, Councillor, Labour Party, Abington and Phippsville, West Northamptonshire Council

Andrew Prosser, Councillor, Green Party, Witney North Ward, West Oxfordshire District Council

Rosie Pearson, Councillor, Green Party, Brize Norton and Shilton, West Oxfordshire District Council

Elizabeth Poskitt, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Woodstock, West Oxfordshire District Council

Andy Goodwin, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Eynsham and Cassington, West Oxfordshire District Council

Julia Wakelam, Councillor, Green Party, Abbeygate, West Suffolk Council

David Chorlton, Councillor, Facit and Shawforth, Whitworth Town Council

Stephen Hellier, Councillor, Labour Party, Wigan Council

Trevor Carbin, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Holt, Wiltshire Council

Nick Errington, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Tisbury, Wiltshire Council

Amy Tisi, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Clewer East, Windsor & Maidenhead Borough Council

Mandy Brar, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Bisham and Cookham, Windsor & Maidenhead Borough Council

Eileen Bune, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Cookham Rise Ward, Windsor & Maidenhead Borough Council

Ian Lewis, Councillor, Conservative, Wallasey Ward, Wirral Borough Council

Jason Walsh, Councillor, Green Party, Bebington Ward, Wirral Borough Council

Jo Bird, Councillor, Green Party, Bromborough Ward, Wirral Borough Council

Naomi Graham, Councillor, Green Party, Prenton Ward, Wirral Borough Council

Angela Davies, Councillor, Labour Party, Leasowe and Moreton East, Wirral Council

Gail Jenkinson, Councillor, Labour, Greasby, Frankby and Irby, Wirral Council

Amanda Onwuemene, Green Party, Birkenhead and Tranmere, Wirral Council

Pat Cleary, Green Party, Birkenhead and Tranmere, Wirral Council

Craig McDonald, Councillor, Green Party, Rock Ferry, Wirral Council

Ewan Tomeny, Councillor, Green Party, Birkenhead and Tranmere, Wirral Council

Sandra Simpson, Councillor, Green Party, North ward, Witney Town Council

Peter Graves, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Pyrford, Woking Borough Council

Stephen Oades, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Goldsworth Park, Woking Borough Council

Karen Lewing, Councillor, Green Party, Arboretum, Worcester City Council

Matt Jenkins, Councillor, Green Party, Worcester – St Stephen, Worcestershire County Council

Dawn Fisher, Parish Councillor, Independent, Castlemorton, Worcestershire County Council

Matthew Jenkins, Green And Independant Alliance Group Leader, Green Party, Worcester – St Stephen, Worcestershire County Council

Martin McCabe, Councillor, Labour Party, Tarring Ward, Worthing Borough Council

Emma Taylor, Councillor, Labour Party, Heene Ward, Worthing Borough Council

Hazel Thorpe, Councillor, Liberal Democrat, Tarring Ward, Worthing Borough Council

Bryan Apsley, Councillor, Labour Party, Wrexham County Borough Council

Anthony Wedlake, Councillor, Labour Party, Coedpoeth, Wrexham County Borough Council

Emma Holland, Councillor, Plaid Cymru, Gwersyllt North Ward, Wrexham County Borough Council

Neil Franks, Councillor, Green Party, Droitwich East, Wychavon Council

Julie Tucker, Councillor, Green Party, Evesham South, Wychavon District Council

Dave Taylor, Councillor, Independent, Fishergate Ward, York City Council

Rachel Melly, Councillor, Labour Party, Holgate Ward, York City Council

Political Parties


Green Party Maricopa County

San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action




Tammy Fiebelkorn, Councilmember, Independent, District 7, Albuquerque

Justin Massey, Mayor, Hermosa Beach, California

David Michel, State Representative, Democratic Party, 146th House District, Connecticut

Dominique Johnson, State Representative, Democratic Party, Norwalk, Connecticut

Karen Ostrand, Mayor, Ocean Breeze, Martin, Florida

Adriane Johnson, State Senator, Democratic Party, 30th District, Illinois

Nithya Raman, Councilmember, Democratic Party, District 4, Los Angeles

Ann Schneider, Mayor, Independent, Millbrae

Julia Salazar, State Senator, Democratic Party, New York

Rebecca A. Seawright, Assemby member, Democratic Party, District 76, New York Assembly

Richard N. Gottfried, Assemby member, Democratic Party, District 75, New York Assembly

Shahana Hanif, Councilmember, Democratic Party, District 39 , New York City

Pricey Harrison, NC House of Representatives, Democratic Party, District 61, North Carolina

Daniela Silva, Councilmember, Independent, District 3, Austin, Texas

Gay Lynn Bennion, Member Of The House Of Representatives, Democratic Party, 46th District, Utah

Supreme Moore Omokunde, State Representative, Democratic Party, District 17, Wisconsin State Assembly

Francesca Hong, State Representative, Democratic Party, Wisconsin State Assembly

Melissa Agard, State Senator, Democratic Party, District 16, Wisconsin State Senate



Mario Bergara, Senator Of Uruguay, Frente Amplio, Montevideo



Innocent Gonese, MP, MDC-A Constituency, Mutare central




Edson Kalulu, Councillor, Ward 4, Mutare central

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