Political Endorsements

United States

Tammy Fiebelkorn, Councilmember, Independent, District 7, Albuquerque

Justin Massey, Mayor, Hermosa Beach, California

Dominique Johnson, State Representative, Democratic Party, Norwalk, Connecticut

David Michel, State Representative, Democratic Party, 146th House District, Connecticut

Karen Ostrand, Mayor, Ocean Breeze, Martin, Florida

Adriane Johnson, State Senator, Democratic Party, 30th District, Illinois

Nithya Raman, Councilmember, Democratic Party, District 4, Los Angeles

Ann Schneider, Mayor, Independent, Millbrae

Julia Salazar, State Senator, Democratic Party, New York

Rebecca A. Seawright, Assemby member, Democratic Party, District 76, New York Assembly

Richard N. Gottfried, Assemby member, Democratic Party, District 75, New York Assembly

Shahana Hanif, Councilmember, Democratic Party, District 39 , New York City

Pricey Harrison, NC House of Representatives, Democratic Party, District 61, North Carolina

Daniela Silva, Councilmember, Independent, District 3, Austin, Texas

Gay Lynn Bennion, Member Of The House Of Representatives, Democratic Party, 46th District, Utah

Supreme Moore Omokunde, State Representative, Democratic Party, District 17, Wisconsin State Assembly

Francesca Hong, State Representative, Democratic Party, Wisconsin State Assembly

Melissa Agard, State Senator, Democratic Party, District 16, Wisconsin State Senate


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