Graphics Starter Guide

for Organizers

Check the brand guidelines

The PBT Brand Guide includes an overview of fonts, colours, logo use and more. Even if you’re not a designer, it’s useful to check the branding guidelines, which also contains ideas for outreach and activism.

Check the social media guide

Find out how to brand your local social media account using our handy guide full of resources.

Logo requests

For countries where the English standard doesn’t work, we have translated logos that we can also use for social media.

We already translated logos for Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and French.

To request logos, please contact the graphic team at
#07-graphicsquestions on the Slack channel, or email [email protected]

Canva Team

Canva is an user friendly platform where you can create designs within the branding in a really easy way.

To join the Canva team please fill this form and contact the graphic team at #07-graphicsquestions slack channel.
You can also email
[email protected]

Outreach Materials

We have flyers, posters, stickers, business cards, guides and many more graphic materials to print for outreach and actions.

If you can’t find a file or you need a specific design, please contact the graphic team at #07-graphicsquestions on the Slack channel.