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We invite you to take an exciting challenge to transition to a plant-based diet using one of these free programs


Veganuary offers plenty of free resources, including a celebrity cookbook, meal plans, delicious recipes and more. 

Meat Free Monday

With lots of quick tips and recipes, Meat Free Monday is a fun and easy way to do something good for the planet and our health, one meal at a time.

Afro Vegan Society

Veguary is a month-long campaign encouraging people to commit to vegan living purposefully during Black History Month in February.

The Vegan Society (UK)

Sign up to the 7-day vegan pledge  where you will find scientific research, delicious recipes, helpful information to help you on your journey and more!


Challenge 22 is a free interactive program that offers a combination of group support and personal mentoring to try veganism for 22 days.

Vegan Easy (Australia)

Take the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge to receive recipes, tips and advice, meal planning guidelines and access to a friendly online support group.

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‘There’s still time to stop the damage, but we need to radically change the way we think about food’
– Greenpeace