"Dal Khichdi"

Official side event at SB 60 Bonn

Join COBASE, Gherush92, UV Society and Plant Based Treaty at the Bonn Climate Conference for

“Dal Khichdi” shifting to a plant-based planet through regenerative agriculture and holistic cities

Promoting the welfare and wellbeing of small farmers. Phasing out intensive farming. Agro-ecological parks and vegan donut economics to fight climate change. Biocultural assessments. Designing urban areas which mimick natural ecosystems. Social inclusion for vulnerable people.


“Holistic City To Fight Climate Change”

Stefano Mannacio – Cobase – Project Coordinator

“Animal suffering: a cry of alarm”

Delfina Piu – Gherush92 – Researcher 

“Traditional Food against Climate Change”

Valentina Sereni – Gherush92 – President

“Carbon financing for regenerative agriculture in the smallholder community”

Ikarus Janzen – Varaha – CCO

“Plant Based Treaty’s Model for Food Systems Solutions”

Kimmy Cushman – The Save Movement

Moderated by Vikrant Srivastava – UV Society, World Food Forum and Lead For Earth

Official Bonn Climate Conference Side Event

Wednesday, 5 June 2024

10.15am – 11.30 CEST

Room Bonn

Sign the Plant Based Treaty to help design and implement a Plant-Based Treaty globally and locally for a just food system, aligning with planetary boundaries and aiding in nature’s restoration.

For more information, please contact:

COBASE – [email protected], GHERUSH92 – [email protected]

UV SOCIETY – [email protected]

PLANT BASED TREATY – [email protected]