COP27 Open Letter


Open letter to world leaders calling for
a Plant Based Treaty

Dear World Leaders and COP27 President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt,

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which is hosting an Agriculture and Adaptation Day on 12 November in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, presents an opportunity to put the issue of a just transition to a plant-based food system at the forefront of food insecurity and climate agenda.

COP27 is taking place at an exceptional time when the effects of the climate crisis are threatening people, animals, ecosystems, when the world is grappling with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis, war, threats to democracy, human rights and the future. The current food system is a major contributor to the accelerating greenhouse gas emissions, agricultural sprawl and deforestation, loss of biodiversity, air and water pollution, soil degradation and health crises. Animal agriculture is a leading driver of further crises including the transgression of planetary tipping points.

On behalf of civil society organisations, the scientific community and climate activists, we call on you, the world’s leaders and women leaders to express support for the Plant Based Treaty as a basis for a just transformation to a plant-based food system by:

Preventing the conversion of forest areas and other ecosystems for the cultivation of feed for so-called farmed animals, stopping the building of new animal farms and slaughterhouses, and prohibiting the intensification of existing farms;
Transitioning towards a plant-based food system using measures such as plant-based food as the default option in all public hospitals, schools, nursing homes, prisons and public institutions, utilizing subsidies and taxes to redirect resources from animal agriculture to plant-based agriculture, providing support for farmers and producers who want to switch to a plant-based production system, carrying out educational activities to reduce the consumption of meat, dairy and eggs, updating global and national guidelines on diet and nutrition;
Restoring key ecosystems damaged by the current food production system, taking into account actions such as reforestation and ocean restoration. Ensure universal access to healthy, sustainable plant-based food as a basic human right, with a particular focus on vulnerable communities.
We cannot continue to marginalise the role of the agri-food system in a just transition. Rather we need to move towards a sustainable, plant-based food system at global, regional, state and local government levels. It is essential that efforts to transform the food system are carried out on a global scale with broad cooperation between intergovernmental, government, expert, and civil society organisations.

We call on you, world leaders, to take a broad, holistic approach to a sustainable and just plant-based food transition through a global Plant Based Treaty. We urge you to take steps to mobilise and implement global, national and local food policies with a focus on a sustainable accessible food system in terms of green procurement, subsidies, taxes, public information campaigns, access to community growing schemes, labelling and food waste. COP27 must be the key moment when the problems of the current food and agriculture system are finally recognised and the actions taken are in line with today’s challenges.

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Plant Based Treaty
Green Rev Institute
Future Food 4 Climate

MP Dr. Tomasz Aniśko, Parliament of Poland
Ines Kostic, Member of Regional Parliament, Netherlands
Kevin Crupi, Bachelors and Masters Degree in Atmospheric Science
Andrzej Elzanowski, former fellow and research associate, NMNH Smithsonian Institution, USA
AnkeHofmann, Regionalgruppe-Ansprechpartnerin, Dipl.-Psych.
Wasseem Emam, Institute of Aquaculture, Lead Researcher & Director, University of Stirling & Ethical Seafood Research
Dr. Annika Linde, DVM, PhD, MPH
Dije Ndreu, BS, MS in Chemistry; 14 years in water quality/pollution
Tobias Opialla, Dr. rer.-nat. (Biochemistry)
Jane A. Scopelite, PhD, BS Biology, MS Nutrition, minor in Public Health, PhD Health Systems and Research Design/Methodology, Statistics
Holly Sitters PhD
Piotr Skubała, profesor in natural sciences, University of Silesia in Katowice, Faculty of Natural Sciences
MEP Dr. Sylwia Spurek
Marcin Urbaniak, Pedagogical University of Krakow, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Department of Ethics

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