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Nobel Laureates, IPCC scientists, George Monbiot and MPs call on world leaders to negotiate a global transition to a plant-based food system to avoid crossing planetary tipping points

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Frustration mounts after plant-based solutions are omitted from methane and deforestation pledges at COP26.

Backed by Nobel Laureates, Roger D. Kornberg (2006 prize in Chemistry), Eric S. Maskin (2007 prize in Economic Sciences) and Sidney Altman (1989 prize in Chemistry), the Plant Based Treaty initiative which is modelled on the popular Fossil Fuel Treaty, is calling for a halt to the expansion of animal agriculture and for governments to incentivize a shift to a plant-based economy.

Leading climate scientists supporting the Plant Based Treaty, William J. Ripple (PhD. Distinguished Professor of Ecology, Oregon State University), Peter Carter (Climate Emergency Institute, IPCC expert reviewer) and Danny Harvey (IPCC Lead Author on the 4th and 5th Assessment Reports, Working Group III) joined over 40 scientists in an open letter calling for governments to urgently address animal agriculture “before we irreversibly surpass planetary tipping points.” They say, “A shift to plant-based diets is a key climate change mitigation tool and has been widely supported by a range of academic and scientific institutions as an essential step in lessening the climate crisis”

High profile environmental activist George Monbiot has also endorsed the treaty, he said, “I’m backing the Plant Based Treaty, which urges leaders to recognise animal agriculture as a leading cause of climate change and promotes a shift towards sustainable vegan meals. We must all do our part to protect the planet – and cutting out meat, eggs, and dairy is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help. Animal agriculture is responsible for sky-high carbon emissions as well as the suffering of billions of animals each year. If COP26 organisers are serious about preventing an imminent climate catastrophe, they must address the elephant in the room: so long as we raise and kill animals for food, we’re putting our future at risk.”

Britain’s top human rights barrister Michael Mansfield QC who launched a legal challenge over factory farming earlier this year due to pandemics and climate concerns said,“I think when we look at the damage eating meat is doing to the planet it is not preposterous to think that one day it will become illegal. The damage wrought by meat and dairy needs addressing with urgency; the solutions are outlined in the Plant Based Treaty, which I endorse.”

Ahead of COP26 18 MPs including Emma Lewell Buck, Caroline Lucas and John McDonnell, signed an Early Day Motion welcoming the Plant Based Treaty initiative and called on the government to put food systems at the heart of combating the climate crisis by encouraging a shift to healthier and sustainable plant-based diets.

Plant Based Treaty global campaign coordinatorAnita Krajncsaid, “As COP26 draws to a close there is unease that despite pledges on methane and deforestation, the giant cow in the room has been ignored. The climate crisis is a code red for humanity and we urge Egypt to ensure animal agriculture is off the menu and on the agenda at COP27 by organizing a food systems summit to negotiate nature-friendly plant-based solutions.”

Youth leaders from Fridays for Future and Youth Climate Save along with interfaith leaders have also backed the Plant Based Treaty and signed an open letter urging world leaders to negotiate a fair and just transition to a plant-based food system. 



As a companion to the UNFCCC/Paris Agreement, the Plant Based Treaty is a grassroots initiative calling upon national governments to negotiate a landmark international treaty—the first of its kind to put food systems at the heart of combating the climate crisis.

The Treaty aims to halt the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal agriculture, to promote a shift to more healthy, sustainable plant-based diets and to actively reverse damage done to planetary functions, ecosystem services and biodiversity.

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