Senior Care Homes


This Playbook focuses on the role of Senior Care Homes around the world in reducing food-related greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable dietary shifts. With millions of meals served daily in these facilities, even small changes can significantly impact not only the environment, but also the facilities finances and the health of their residents. These dietary shifts are aligned with the updated Canada Food Guide and are supported by organizations like the American Dietetic Association.

This Playbook will provide you with a wealth of resources in order for your facility to adopt best practices in plant-based food policy.

Key Recommendations
  • Transition to nutrient-dense, plant-based menus that fulfill dietary needs, integrating plant-based versions of your residents’ favorite meals.
  • Emphasize the health benefits of plant-based diets for senior adults, including reduced risk of frailty, dementia, and other age-related conditions.
  • Educate and engage residents & staff in the environmental benefits of plant-based diets for their children’s world with fun ‘Climate Quiz’ nights.
  • Utilize key resources, including handy substitution guides.
  • Optimize choice architecture by making plant-based options the default choice and avoid polarizing language on menus.

Who this guide is for:

This guide is targeted at administrators, chefs, and staff of senior care homes. It is also valuable for educators, health providers, and advocates in the senior care sector interested in sustainable and healthy dietary shifts in senior adults.

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We would love to hear from you if you are implementing best practises in plant-based food policy that we haven’t listed – we may be able to add them to our Playbook. We’d also love to receive good example case studies – please email us at [email protected] to contribute.