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This playbook aims to normalize plant based eating within sports and athletics. Sports have a profound history of fostering transformative impacts globally, and embracing plant-based eating aligns with this legacy. It not only supports personal health and performance but also contributes to the well-being of our planet and communities. Athletes hold immense power as role models of health and fitness. This Playbook empowers athletes and sports organizations to use this influence and positively impact the diets of many.

Key Recommendations
  • Implement educational sessions on plant based nutrition for athletes
  • Foster a supportive environment for plant based eating in team settings
  • Athletes and teams are encouraged to embrace and publicly promote plant based eating
  • Transition to plant based menus wherever food is available for athletes and fans
  • Consult with experts specializing in plant based nutrition for tailored dietary plans
  • Participate in and organize community events promoting plant based eating
  • Support and partner with organizations advocating for plant based diets and sustainability
  • Utilize media opportunities and social platforms to promote plant based eating and its advantages

Who this guide is for:

This playbook supports athletes, teams, sports organizations, gyms, and educational institutions in adopting plant based diets for health, performance, and environmental sustainability.


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