‘Vegan Fridays’ to be rolled out in over 1,700 New York City schools

8th February 2022

A new plant-based initiative is being introduced across 1,700 public schools in NYC that will enable students access to plant-based meals each Friday.

The new policy has been rolled out with health and quality of life as the core underlying aims. Newly elected NYC Mayor, Eric Adams, stresses that we must tackle childhood obesity and other ongoing health problems. “In one voice, we talk about fighting childhood obesity, diabetes yet you go into a school building every day and you see the food that feeds our healthcare crisis,” Adams said.

Adams, the city’s first ever vegan Mayor, added that children had been directly requesting better food in schools, stating that he was going to “stop feeding the crisis” that is fuelling the current health epidemic.

Health worries had originally instigated Meatless Mondays at all public schools in the city back in 2019, before Meatless Fridays joined in 2021, supported by a growing number of studies that have highlighted the positive health benefits of plant-based diets.

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