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Youth Climate Save Calls on MacKenzie Scott to Rethink her $50 Million Donation to 4H

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A coalition of organizations, led by Youth Climate Save, is urging billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott to rethink her plan to donate $50 million dollars to the National 4-H Council saying many aspects of the program send kids the wrong message about animals and our relationship with them. Additionally, since animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change, tomorrow’s work force should be taught skills in carbon-friendly industries, not industries making the crisis worse. 

While MacKenzie Scott’s intentions are wonderful, the coalition of organizations are calling on Scott to explicitly exclude her donation from being used for the raising and selling of farmed animals or any other program that involves animal exploitation. 

As this NPR story points out “… there’s one day of the fair that’s bittersweet and, for some, downright heart-wrenching. Auction day is when many 4-H kids must say goodbye after a year of training, feeding and caring for an animal. Every year there are photos circulating online of crying children on market day.”

“I have seen countless posts on social media of children with tears in their eyes as they prepare to sell the animal they raised since birth. You can see the look of sadness because they know deep down inside they are betraying the animals who trusted them. These children are taught that the monetary value of the animal is more important than the life of a sentient being. My generation wants to live in a more compassionate world and we will never achieve this if children are taught to put their compassion aside for money. In addition, the organizers of Youth Climate Save, from all around the world, are speaking up against animal agriculture which is continuing to harm our planet. Our future is at stake.” 15-Year Old Genesis Butler, Founder of Youth Climate Save & Plant Based Ambassador

“I’ve personally had kids reach out to me desperately, completely panicked, hoping to save their animals instead of sending them to slaughter. A lot of these kids have been unable to save their animals. Some kids have told me they’ve been bullied by other kids for not wanting to ship their beloved animals off. I’ve had kids at fairs coming up to me sobbing, saying that they want to save their animals but their parents won’t let them.” Zoe Rosenberg, Founder of Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary in San Luis Obispo, California

“It’s very upsetting because these kids can tell that the animal has a brain and central nervous system and can feel pain and emotion. It’s really sad. These kids raise them and basically   view them as a pet or a family member who is then is taken away and auctioned off for breeding or slaughter. It’s just normalizing violence.” – 11-year old Social Media Influencer Vegan Evan

“Empowering youth to take compassionate action is vital to create a kinder world. Children have told me that they joined the program because they loved animals and were traumatized by sending their best friend off to be killed. My book contains several stories of courageous children rescuing their animals, one smuggling the animal out in a knapsack.” – Susan Hargreaves, Founder of Animal Hero Kids & Plant Based Treaty Endorser 

“I implore you to think about the consequences of teaching children to turn their backs on the animals they so dearly love and have raised and have bonded with. What kind of message does that send about the treatment of those you love?” – Zoe Rosenberg, Founder of Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary in San Luis Obispo, California